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5 types of less painful wax

All the waxes are not created equal pain for remove hairs so we discuss some less painful waxes. There are many types of waxes that you can use for less pain. All the types of waxes are available in market experience and cheap prices also. If you are new opener parlour then try these all waxes for better results. Waxing is very important step that every bride girl use. So that you can remove your skin tanning and unwanted hairs. Today in this article we will talk about some types of wax that you can use for less painful waxing. You can use strips free wax also.

Chocolate wax:

Chocolate wax-Types of less painful wax-By live love laugh

It is one kind of less painful wax. It gives a good result comparing the other normal waxes. It contains soybean oil almond oil and glycerin which makes waxing less painful and skin smooth and nourishing. The most important thing about Chocolate Wax is that it does not cause any irritation. Its price is 125. And even more expensive waxes are available in the market. New beggars must use this wax.

Warm hard wax:

Hard-wax-Types of less painful wax-By live love laugh

This wax is really beneficial for thick, prickly, and thin hairs. It is strip-free wax because it itself works as a strip after drying. You just pull it after dry. You didn’t need any waxing strip with this wax. Simply heat the wax at low temperature in wax heater and apply at waxing area . after drying pull it. They don’t need any wax strip. This will wills you better results and smooth skin in less painful wax.

Strawberry wax:

Strawberry wax-5 types of less painful wax-By live laugh

It is another type of wax called strawberry wax. It is a very soft liquid wax. It gets the strawberry soft skin after waxing. It contains nutrients that manage oily skin too. It is available in the market or at shopping sites also. Available in market in experience and cheaper prices. You can buy with your choice. This will gives you excellent results and strawberry like smooth skin.

Aloe Vera wax:

Aloe Vera wax-5 types of less painful wax-By live laugh

It is an excellent type of wax. It contains natural aloe Vera, which is very beneficial to make skin softer. Apply gently on the skin and pull off the strip. It removes your skin tanning also. Anyone who is a new opener, opening their new parlor, must use this wax in their parlor. Its price is 125. When you take 12 pieces together, it will cost 90 rupees.

Honey wax:

Honey wax-5 types of less painful wax-By live laugh

Honey wax is also called sugared wax. This tax is made from natural honey. Honey Singh really beneficial for the skin it makes the skin glowing and soft. And reduces redness and skin tanning too. If not more then your parlor must have four or five types of wax so that you can fulfill the requirements of customers. Like alovera wax, honey wax, chocolate wax, strawberry wax etc. It is not too costly and makes the skin glow as well as softer.


If you do wax at home, so take a few waxes in a wax heater cup and heat lightly. Remember not to boil it or too much effort it can cause rashes and redness due to heat. make sure before using the wax apply powder at wax area and message. Gently apply wax with Wood spoon on waxing area and use waxing strip over it and gentle circular massage for 5 seconds and immediately pull the strip. Use wax in direction of hairs. It is lighter pain. Give you smooth skin and reduce your skin tanning also.


Q. Write any three types of waxes?

Ans. There are many types of waxes available in market like chocolate wax, honey wax, aloevera wax etc.

Q. Write any benefit of chocolate wax?

Ans. The main benefit of chocolate wax is that it does not cause any type of irritation.

Q. How to use wax at wax area?

Ans. Heat your wax in wax heater at low temperature . before applying the wax use powder at waxing area then apply wax with wood spoon on waxing area in the direction of hairs. Use strips over it and gently message over it. Then After 5 seconds immediately pull down the strips in opposite direction.

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