9 Types of Jeans for your Body Shape

Jeans and kind of trouser and composed of denim fabric. This bottom is always wearable and never goes out of fashion. Both boys on girls can wear it. People of all ages can wear jeans. When buying jeans, always keep in mind that you should buy jeans keeping in mind your body shape.

Otherwise, it may be loose from the waist and tight from the hips. If you are wondering which jeans are perfect for you then why it is always loose from the waist and tight from the hips. So today in this article we will talk about some types of jeans for your body shape so try these changes according to your body shape look stylish and pretty.

A pair of jeans is a must-have in the wardrobe.

Skinny jeans:

Skinny jeans-9 Types of Jeans for your Body Shape-by live love laugh

If your body shoulders and hips are in the same proportion then you come in an hourglass shape. The jeans of hourglass body are always away from the waist. High-rise and skinny jeans make your natural body shape. So if your body was in hourglass shape then choose high-rise skinny jeans.
Bootcut jeans: bootcut jeans are best for pear-shaped body types.

It’s also a great way to get jeans hourglass body shape. These jeans fit comfortably on your thighs. And wide bottoms balance your big hips. You can also look taller by wearing these jeans. If you are short and want to look taller then choose bootcut jeans. Straight and skinny high-rise jeans also help a lot in looking taller.

High waist jeans:

High waist jeans-9 Types of Jeans for your Body Shape-by live love laugh

high waist jeans are the best bottom for a round and curvy body shape. If you like crop tops then choose high-waisted jeans. These jeans are also a great way to look taller. When you are wearing these jeans, you will not feel uncomfortable even if you are wearing a short top. Because its high waist covers your waist. It also covers your belly fat. And provides a natural look to the waistline.

Flared jeans:

Flared jeans-9 Types of Jeans for your Body Shape-by live love laugh

Flared jeans give a perfect look while balancing your big hips and thighs. If you are tall then these jeans will make you look very beautiful. These are also the best-fit jeans for those with hourglass body shape. These jeans are a must-have in your wardrobe. Wearing these jeans, you can go anywhere in the office, college.

Wide leg jeans:

Wide leg jeans-9 Types of Jeans for your Body Shape-by live love laugh

If your body is petite or inverted shape means your shoulders are wide and hips are narrow then this shape is balanced with wide-leg jeans. And wide-leg jeans are the best bottom for you are if you are coming under this category. Its wide hemlines make you look tall and thin. Relaxed or mom jeans are also the best fit for this body shape. Side pockets show your slim hips full.

Straight jeans:


If your body shape is boyish or flat butt, you are very confused in choosing jeans then don’t worry, I am here for your help. If you want to look comfortable and casual while giving proper shape to your body then go for straight or mid-rise jeans. These jeans also give your waist hemlines a perfect shape and a casual look.

Loose Jeans:


If you want to have a comfortable bottom then loose jeans are the best bottom forever. These jeans are also called baggy jeans. This genus is loose from both the hips and the legs. These jeans can be worn by women of any body shape. For slim women, it is a little loose, but the best fit for plus-size women. So if you also want to wear baggy bottom or some comfortable then go for loose jeans.

Jogger Jeans:

Jogger Jeans-9 Types of Jeans for your Body Shape-by live love laugh

This is another type of jeans called jogger jeans or jogger. These are very comfortable and stylish and never go out of trend anymore. Any age group of girls or anybody type women’s can wear it. So try something new experience with your outfit and go for a jogger. Try to wear it with straight hemlines t-shirt for a casual, comfortable, and stylish look.


Jeggings-9 Types of Jeans for your Body Shape-by live love laugh

jeggings are more comfortable bottom for every girl. The jeggings are stretched so it fits perfectly on every body type. If you don’t like wearing zip or buttoned jeans then this is the perfect gift for you. So try to wear these jeans means jeggings with crop top or shirt to look casual. These are skin-hugging jeans and give you a splendid look.


Q. Bootcut jeans are the best fit for women of which body shape?

Ans. For short height ladies and pear body shape women’s.

Q. Which jeans are best for women with inverted triangle body types?

Ans. Wide-leg jeans are the Best fit for inverted or petite shape women.

Q Who can wear jogger jeans?

Ans. Jogger jeans can be worn by women of all body types and age groups of women’s.
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