5 Best Shopping Places In Mumbai For Shopaholic In You

Mumbai is recognized worldwide for its designer boutiques and shopping complexes than for its markets. You won’t be disappointed whether you’re looking for a good deal, great photo opportunities, or unique gifts to take home. However, there are a plethora of possibilities for street shopping, and you’ll want to haggle with shops to get the best deal possible.

That’s only half the fun; the treats make it all worthwhile.
But, with so many marketplaces for street shopping in Mumbai, how can you know where to find the finest deals without going broke? However, be aware that many of them are in congested places that are tough to navigate. We’re here to assist, so keep reading to learn how to find great deals on clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and more at the city’s most prominent street markets. Here are the 5 best shopping places in Mumbai for the shopaholic in you:

Lalbaug Market

Lalbaug Market-5 Best Shopping Places In Mumbai For Shopaholic In You-By live love laugh

The Lalbaug Market in Central Mumbai has rows upon rows of dried red chilies heaped in a conical mountain at the Mirchi Galli, as well as gigantic mounds of dry snacks like farsan and fresh kachoris and samosas. Unlike Crawford Market, which is popular with foreign tourists, this market offers a genuine local experience.

This market, which is also known for the Lalbaug cha Raja, provides a true Mumbai experience that you can’t miss. Come here for the spices, which you may pick at your leisure and have roasted and crushed into fresh powder to take home! You can select your own spices, which will be freshly roasted, ground, and blended into a bespoke blend.

Location: under lalbaug flyover, lalbaug, central south Mumbai
What to buy: spices from all over the country

Linking Road

Linking Road-5 Best Shopping Places In Mumbai For Shopaholic In You-By live love laugh

It is one of Mumbai’s hippest neighborhoods, where a blend of modern and traditional, and East meets West. In addition to several upscale branded showrooms and shops, the Linking Road street market in Bandra is home to some upmarket branded showrooms and boutiques. On one side of the road, you’ll discover a local Indian roadside food vendor and a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, and on the other, you’ll find street vendors contrasting with brand-name retailers.

The types of commodities sold by the street stalls are usually categorized together. Be prepared for crowds if you visit this market on a Sunday. Linking Road, which is lined with shack-style stores selling economical and trendy clothing, jewelry, footwear, and accessories, should be your first stop for street shopping in Mumbai.

Location: Bandra
What to buy: Indian traditional clothes, shoes, children’s clothes, belts, fashion accessories, bags

Dharavi Leather Market

Dharavi Leather Market-5 Best Shopping Places In Mumbai For Shopaholic In You-By live love laugh

Many people instantly equate the infamous Dharavi slum in Mumbai with poverty and misery. However, this is not the case, as Dharavi is home to a thriving small-scale industry. The most powerful industry is the leather industry. It is India’s second-largest of its sort, and it exports all over the world. In Dharavi, there are around 200 businesses selling high-quality genuine leather goods at reasonable costs.

High Design is a well-known retailer. To get the greatest deal, haggle.

Location: Dharavi, Central Mumbai
What to buy: leather products like jackets, wallets, belts

Colaba Causeway

Colaba Causeway-5 Best Shopping Places In Mumbai For Shopaholic In You-By live love laugh

The Colaba Causeway market’s daily carnival offers a customer experience unlike any other in Mumbai. This tourist-heavy street market also houses premium boutiques like Bombay Electric and Bungalow 8, making it an essential shopping destination in Mumbai. Stop into Leopold’s Cafe or Cafe Mondegar, two well-known Mumbai hangouts, if you need a pause from shopping.

Colaba Causeway is known for its dynamic and cheerful feel and is home to classic Mumbai hangouts like Café Mondegar and Leopold Café. From breezy apparel, colorful jewelry, and antique clocks to brass knick-knacks, backpacks, and stylish footwear, you’ll find it all here. When you’ve had your fill of sightseeing, stop into Bagdadi, Bade Miyan, or Light of Asia for a great lunch.

Location: Colaba, South Mumbai
What to buy: artificial jewelry, handicrafts, books, clothes

Zaveri Bazar

Zaveri Bazar-5 Best Shopping Places In Mumbai For Shopaholic In You-By live love laugh

Mumbai’s famed gold market, Zaveri Bazaar, is one of India’s oldest and largest gold markets. It is home to thousands of shops, some of which are centuries old, and accounts for more than half of the country’s gold commerce. Many of the structures appear to be old and obsolete, but they are full of valuables.

Bridal shopping in Mumbai is never complete without a visit to Bhuleshwar’s labyrinthine streets and by-lanes, where Zaveri Bazaar is situated. High-end home decorations, dishes, furniture, toys, and brassware are also available.

Location: Mandvi
What to buy: Gold and platinum jewelry, silver jewelry


Ques-Can I buy gold from a trusted seller in Mumbai?

Ans Yes, you can definitely shop for gold and buy some awesome beings from Zaveri Bazar located in Mandvi. It is one of the oldest and most famous gold markets in India.

Ques-Can I visit all the famous markets in Mumbai in one day?

Ans-It is very difficult to visit all the famous markets in Mumbai in one day because of the traffic problems and all these markets are very far apart from each other. It is advised that you should pre-plan your visit beforehand about which markets you should visit.

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