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5 types of heels for women.

Hello friends, today in this article, m gonna share with you some of the best types of heels that provide you with an elegant look.

Nowadays, there is a huge trend of wearing heels among women. These are so versatile as well as an evergreen option to pair with your formal as well as casual outfits. Heels are the best outfits that provide you with a stylish as well as an elegant look.

There are so many types of heels that you can wear according to your zone of comfort and style. But, today in this article we will discuss some of the most special types of heels which are in vogue these days. Most women prefer to wear these 5 types of heels, in order to look trendy and comfortable as well. So, let’s have a look at all these types.

Kitten heels.

Kitten Heels-5 types of heels for women.-By live love laugh

If you are looking for some special and comfortable type of outfit then You must go for these pair of heels. The specialty about them is that these heels are mainly very low size heels. The height of the heel is only 1-2 inches which are not very high and you can easily walk for a longer time without any pain in your feet.

These are best to wear in offices, on casual occasions, on shopping days, or on simple outings with family as well as with your friends. So, this is the first type of heels you must wear in order to look stylish and trendy.

Pumps heels.

Pumps heels.-5 types of heels for women.-By live love laugh

These are the best-ever heels that are most popular among girls or women. You all know these days there is a great craze about parties, so it is essential to have some party wear outfits with you. So, the best option for you is these pumps heels. The specialty of these heels is that these are having only -3 inches of height. From the front, these seem narrow and provide you with an elegant and best outlook for any party. These are available in so many color combinations.

In fact, girls with small heights mainly use to wear these heels for their wedding or engagement functions. You can buy them online or from shops at a very reasonable price. These days golden pump heels notch a top slot among all the color combinations. So, you can choose any color as per your choice and comfort zone.

Clear heels.

Clear heels.-5 types of heels for women.-By live love laugh

These are the latest and most popular types of heels which are now in great trend. The special thing about them is they are made up of transparent material. These are so versatile that you can carry these on every type of occasion, whether it’s a party, wedding ceremony, or any special festival gathering. This heel has a height of about6 inches that provides you an elegant as well as classy look.

Nowadays girls are more likely to wear these transparent heels as they are easy to pair with your formal as well as casual wearing. you can wear them with your traditional attires, western wear as well. These are so comfortable that never hurts your feet. you can easily walk or travel while wearing them. so, these heels are the best ever combination of style as well as comfort.

These are also having plenty of color options such as light to dark shades. It mainly depends on your choice that which color you want to prefer the more. So, this is a must-have heel option for you.

Stiletto heels.

Stiletto heels.-5 types of heels for women.-By live love laugh

These are outstanding types of heels that are mainly popular among all celebrities. These heels are extremely high as compared to other heels. These are mainly known for their height as well as for their heavyweight. These are 8 inches in height, so it is not suitable for beginners as they may not feel comfortable while carrying these outfits.

These are narrow from the front and high from the ends which looks so glossy. But most women like to wear them for their college look or for parties. But these are rarely worn by the household women and are majorly popular among celebrities. If you consider the outlook they provide to you, that is really stylish, trendy as well as chic.

Wedge heels.

Wedge heels.-5 types of heels for women.-By live love laugh

Wedge heels are the most comfortable type of heel. These are best for your casual outings, camps, college look, shopping days, etc. You can pair them up with your jeans, suits, gowns, etc. These are so comfortable for the women as there is no separation between the heel or sole. Both the heel and the sol are properly joint from front to the back.

Because of this, these provide you with a comfortable walk for long hours. The height of the heels is up to 5 inches. This heel provides you with a cute look. so, you must have these heels with you.


1Que what are the advantages of wearing heels??

Ans. As you all know women are somewhere more brand conscious about their way of styling. There are so many positive sides if women use to wear heels in their routines:-
1 Heel provides them with an elegant look.
2 these are versatile forms of styling.
3 Girls with small heights can look smart too by wearing high heels.
4 heels are suitable both for casual as well as for formal occasions.

2 Que. what measures should be undertaken while purchasing heels??

Ans. There are so many essential things that you should keep in your mind while going to buy high heels.:-
1 Height of the heel
2 price.
3 color combination
4 suitable design
5 comfortable rate.

3 Que. Why celebrities are so comfortable while carrying high heels than normal women??

Ans. Celebrities feel more comfortable while wearing heels because they become so usual as they wear heels in their daily routine. , so, it is so much easy for them to wear heels.
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