7 electric shavers for men that will keep you groomed and polished.

Hello friends, today in this article m gonna share with you some of the best electric shavers that are best for men and will provide the best outlook among men.

Same as women, men are also conscious of their looks. Men use so many different devices in order to look polished and groomed. When it comes to face, then men are more likely to shave their face well. A good shaved man results in a better outlook. There are so many shaving devices that are mostly used by men to shave their faces. But, in this article, we will discuss some of the best devices which are provided with the best features and safe shaving for men. So, let’s have a look at all the types:-

Remington f5-8000.

Remington f5-8000.-7 electric shavers for men that will keep you groomed and polished.-BY live love laugh.

If you want to save some money and still get a product of solid quality, then this is the best electric shaver for you with a budget-friendly deal. This shaver has fetched the title of best budget electric shaver for men that can be found in the market. It is a renowned and well-established brand in terms of electric shavers.

It is featured with the wireless operation, washable has an impressive one-hour battery life along with a led indicator to show its status. When you are not using short shave foils, you can use a pop-up trimmer to apply the finishing details to your beard. It has two shaving technologies, one is for longer hair trimming and the second is for delicate removal of shorter hairs in order to remove skin irritations.

It comes in black color and can be used during traveling as well. It is very comfortable for shaving your face.

Braun Series 7:-

Braun Series 7-7 electric shavers for men that will keep you groomed and polished.-BY live love laugh.

If you want to have another best quality electric shaver then check out the Braun series7. As compared to the previous generation this model comes in a new color, cleaning station, and new cool features. This device comes with 3 individual cutting elements, two finishing knives, and a central trimmer. This device comes with 5 adjustable settings. So, you can change engine speed from turbo-sensitive mode.

This product also sports an automatic cleaning and charging station. This also includes a 5 -minute quick charge function, drop trimmer, precise locking, and wet and dry operation. In everyday use, the battery life is great and has delivered a top-notch performance in a variety of tests.

Panasonic arc 5:-

Panasonic arc 5--7 electric shavers for men that will keep you groomed and polished.-BY live love laugh.

It is also known as the best foil electric shaver for men. If you are looking at a device that is ergonomic and stands firmly and comfortably in any user‘s hand then this is the best option for you. It is featured with a five-blade articulated head, it can be locked with a small mechanical button, on its right side a small retractable trimmer cuts the pre-shave thick beard.

A small round button at the top of the blue led screen shows the duration of the battery life. It comes with a charging cable, headcover and a pouch with zipper, a cleaning brush, and lubricating oil to maintain the protective grills. It is easy to clean with water. It boasts a high-quality engine with a linear drive so that users will get maximum cuts in one minute.

Philips Norelco Series 9000.

Philips Norelco Series 9000.-7 electric shavers for men that will keep you groomed and polished.-BY live love laugh.

It has claimed the title of best rotary electric shaver for men. This product featured v-track precision pro-blades that gently place all hair types at the best angles for optimal shaving. It includes directed contour to detect heads that adapt to the curves of your face, neck, or jaw. It also contains a smart clean plus features that clean lubricates dries and fills your razor for optimal performance. The waterproof body allows for a comfortable dry or wet shave with gel or foam.

It boasts a variety of speed settings ranging from sensitive to a fast mode. The package contains a smart click precision trimmer, a smart clean plus cleaning, refilling system, and cleaning cartridge, and a travel bag to place things in one place. It is the best shaver that makes you satisfied.

Braun Series 9370cc.

Braun series 9370cc.-7 electric shavers for men that will keep you groomed and polished.-BY live love laugh.

If you are looking for a men‘s razor that offers an exceptional shaving experience loaded with the best features. It consists of 5 elements.
Hyperlight cut trimmer:- it allows you to straighten and cut lying hairs.
A direct cut trimmer:- it captures hairs growing in different directions for efficient results.

Two optifoils:- These are perfect for providing long-lasting shaving, protection, comfort, etc.
Mowers:-It is an innovative technology as the synchronic offering 40,000 micro-vibrations. It also has an automatic sensor that analyzes the density of the beard in order to adjust the power of the razor. It has waterproof shells that allow easy wash.

You can use it on wet or dry skin with or without foam. It has a battery that becomes fully charged in one hour.

Wahl LifeProof lithium-ion foil shaver.

Wahl LifeProof lithium-ion foil shaver.-7 electric shavers for men that will keep you groomed and polished.-BY live love laugh.

This is a travel-friendly electric shaver and it is featured foil cutters and a movable head for a comfortable shave. It has an LED charging light. It becomes completely charged in 1 hour. It has the feature of a 5-minute quick charge. The flexible foil moves with comfort and provides you with a harmless shave. It has a long hair cutter bar and a full-size precision trimmer for best results.

Andis pro foil lithium plus titanium foil shaver.

Andis pro foil lithium plus titanium foil shaver 7 electric shavers for men that will keep you groomed and polished. BY live love laugh.

It is a versatile shaver that you can use to shave your head, face, etc. It can run up to 80 minutes with a single charge. This is of black shaver which you can carry during your traveling as well.


1 Que. Why men are more likely to use electric shavers??

Ans. There are a number of reasons why men like to use electric shavers. They are as follows:-
1. They are easy to use.
2. Shave your face well without causing wounds or irritation to the skin.
3. They are wireless so are travel friendly.
4. These shavers contains various shaving mode so you can save your time and energy according to your need.
5. They can be used both as wet or dry conditions.

2 Que. What are the disadvantages of razor shavers to men??

Ans. Razor shavers have many drawbacks that are listed below:-
1. As razor shavers include sharp blades, so are harmful to your skin.
2. It can be only used in wet conditions.
3. They need more time and energy to shave your face.
4. These are a bit difficult to handle as compared to the electric shavers.

3 Que. What are the measures one has to keep in mind while purchasing an electric shaver??

Ans. An electric shaver must contain:-
1. Three modes of shaving sensitive, normal and fast mode.
2. Better battery life.
3. 5-minute charging features.
4. Wireless feature
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