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5 best exercises to lose weight fastly.

Hello friends, today in this article m gonna share with you some of the best workouts that will help you to burn calories very fast and thus make you fit.

Today we are living in an era of technology, where most people gain weight more easily due to a sedentary lifestyle. people do not have enough time to go to fitness centers because of their busy schedules. women are more likely to stay fit so that they can work productively. So it is the best idea to do some easy exercises at home so that you can lose weight easily without paying big chunks of money to fitness centers.

There are so many workout ideas that you can follow for a slim fit body, but today in this article, we will discuss some of the best exercises to lose weight much fastly.

Jumping jacks.

Jumping jacks.-5 best exercises to lose weight fastly.-By live love laugh

This is one of the easiest workouts you can perform anytime and anywhere to lose weight. It is also known as star jumps or side-straddle hop. As the name implies, a jumping jack is a fitness exercise performed by jumping with the legs spread wide and the hands going overhead. This is the best exercise which is not only losing your weight fast but also has other benefits to the body as well.

It helps build your body muscles, joints, back, waist, shoulders, and neck. It improves your flexibility and range of mobility as well as relaxes the tension in your nerves and muscles. Because of its many benefits and popularity, people perform jumping jack exercises all over the world. And the military performs the exercise during their training. Some countries call it the star jump because of the shape formed during exercise. You can do this exercise anytime and anywhere.

You feel comfortable while there are many effective methods to go about quick weight loss. Jumping a jack can help you achieve it according to studies. You can lose up to 200 calories by performing this exercise for 30 minutes every day. If you cannot find the time to hit the gym, jumping jacks are a great way to get your body in shape and achieve your fitness goals.

Mountain climber.

Mountain climber.--5 best exercises to lose weight fastly.-By live love laugh

It is a bodyweight exercise that is useful to burn calories, build stamina and strengthen the core. Mountain climbers are dynamic they involve constant, smooth, and repetitive movement and they are great for increasing joint flexibility.

Every repetition includes flexion and extension of the hips and knees which loses up the joints and improves mobility, improving heap and a new range of motion improves overall function. It may be challenging for you in the starting because your hips are particularly tight place your hands on an elevated surface and your hips loosen up. Leave the step and place your palms on the floor while making them move.

It needs coordination quick fit and an accurate sense of timing you have to keep your weight distributed between your feet as they shuttle back and forth under you. Make sure to direct your knees forward and stop if your back starts to tremble. stay fit and fine by performing this exercise.

Elbow plank.

Elbow plank--5 best exercises to lose weight fastly.-By live love laugh

Planking is one of the most popular exercises that you can perform almost anywhere and without any equipment. Though it looks pretty simple, it can improve your fitness level as it can work out several muscle groups at once. One of the main benefits of performing planks is that it can improve your core strength.

This involves the muscles and joints that connect the upper and lower body. Once you do this regularly, you will become stronger and make the complexion of everyday tasks much easier. Planking is more effective in making your stomach flat and toned. Planking engages 100%of your abdominal muscles, thereby increasing the chances of easy weight loss.

Despite the weight, loss planning can make your back stronger. You must keep in mind that your core muscle group has a significant effect on the other muscles of your body. According to studies when you perform planking in your daily routine you are able to burn 50 calories each day.

Russian twists.

Russian twists--5 best exercises to lose weight fastly.-By live love laugh

This is the best ever and easy exercise to lose weight fastly. As the metabolism system increases the body will need more food to burn energy when the meal is over the body fat starts to burn. Therefore this exercise is a good way to burn fat strongly.

It also helps you to manage your weight. It is mainly best for those who feel the weight. Frequent exercise will help you to lose weight and avoid further weight gain. You can perform this by starting by pressing your feet onto the floor or fully extending them so that you can get a sense of the movement. You need to have the ability to stay in the initial position without a dumbell, then add some weight and breathe deeply and steadily. Exhale while you twist and inhale while you return to the center.

While twisting ensure that you reach down to tap the floor. Besides, you keep your arms parallel and cross your legs if you want to gain more stability. Your case should follow the movement of your hands.

Flutter kicks.

Flutter kicks.--5 best exercises to lose weight fastly.-By live love laugh

For this exercise, you have to sit back, get your feet out in front, alternate up and down, and get your hands off. You can clasp them in front and do the same thing in your daily routine.


1Que. What are the reasons behind people gaining more weight these days??

Ans.1.eating too much fast food
2 sedentary lifestyle
3 scarcity of open spaces.

2 Que. What are the benefits of doing exercise??

Ans. There are plenty of benefits of doing workouts in daily routine:-
1. Burn calories thus making you hale and hearty.
2. You can stay away from health problems.
3. Makes you feel joyful and satisfied.
4. You can work productively.

3 Que why people drink green tea??

Ans. Green tea is a magical drink which helps you to loss your weight with daily consumption .It burns the excess calories from your body so you may not gain further weight.
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