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5 Traditional Dresses of Punjab in 2022.

Hello friends, today in this article m gonna share with you some of the best traditional dresses of Punjab which are helpful for Punjabi people to enhance their outlook.

Punjab is a term which literally means 5 oceans Actually Punjab is renowned in the world for its rich heritage, culture, rituals, and most importantly its attires. When it comes to representing a country the most adaptable way for this, people choose to attire themselves in such a way so that other people can recognize them instantly while looking at them in a blink, that they are surely from Punjab. Traditions of every country are different.

Punjab has unique styles and traditions. These days overseas people are turning towards our Punjabi culture as they use to wear turbans on their heads. Women are also likely to wear Punjabi suits in order to show their love for the Punjabi culture. There are so many traditional dresses of Punjab which are popular among the Punjabi people. But today in this article we will discuss 5 traditional dresses of Punjab which make Punjabi people more elegant and representative of their country.


Phulkari.-5 traditional dresses of punjab in 2022.-By live love laugh

This is a versatile piece of clothing. Literally, phulkari means ‘flower craft’.It is a form of a heavy dupatta that is full of bright colors and has some embroidery on it as well. It also contains floral designs, small mirror work, and beautiful handcrafted designs to enhance its outlook. This particular piece of clothing is most popular among women as well as girls. This dupatta attracts everyone because it highlights the beauty of the women and also the rich heritage as well as the culture of Punjab.

It is mainly handcrafted with the finest needlework on it. In Punjab, the phulkari of two famous cities are most popular among girls, Amritsar phulkari and Patiala phulkari. Phulkari can be worn at parties, weddings, and ceremonies. In fact, without phulkari, all the women’s rituals are in vain. These days best phulkari competitions are also held in Punjab in order to explore its importance for women.

Patiala salwar suit.

Patiala salwar suit-5 traditional dresses of punjab in 2022.-By live love laugh

This is actually a wardrobe staple for every woman or girl who is living in Punjab. The Patiala salwar suit is an amazing outfit that represents the royal city of Punjab named Patiala. Actually, these outfits are made in Patiala. These suits vary in colors, designs, and prints. Every woman likes to wear these outfits. These salwar suits can be worn casually, at parties, and at weddings as well. These are handcrafted and made by machines as well. These are best ever traditional dresses of Punjab.

There are so many pairing options with a Patiala shahi suit, as you can wear them as tunics, short or long Kurti, or with a lehenga as well. Patiala salwar suit is the best outfit to highlight the traditional attire of Punjab. Most women like to wear them as they are so comfortable and never go out of style outfit.

Punjabi ghagra

Punjabi ghagra-5 traditional dresses of punjab in 2022.-By live love laugh

This is another traditional dress of Punjab which consists of a long Kurti and ghagra that is worn by the women of India while performing the famous folk dance of Punjab known as Giddha. It is a symbol of richness to the feminity of Punjab. Not only this traditional dress is worn in folk dance but also these days Giddha competitions are held on district or national levels in which girls wear this outfit to represent their rich culture in each and every corner of India.

Also, this outfit can be worn at the Jago function which is an ongoing trend among Indian women. Kurti is mainly handcrafted with needlework or small mirrors, bright colors, etc .these all feature allure, everyone, in a blink. This is also a comfortable and trendy outlook. women use to wear traditional jewelry such as pipal pattie, Jhumke, Lotan, and saggy full to enhance the beauty of this traditional attire.


Prandi.-5 traditional dresses of punjab in 2022.-By live love laugh

This particular outfit is most popular among women these days. Girls are crazy about this outfit. These braided hair accessories comprise jewelry and colorful threads. Paradis is adorned by women to enhance their beauty and to make their hair seem longer. It comes in so many colors and sizes. Brands can be worn for every function as these are in vogue nowadays. The colorful thread is meant to add beautiful colors to your life as well. Paradis is the best option to enhance your traditional outlook.

Suit with sharara.

Suit with sharara-5 traditional dresses of punjab in 2022.-By live love laugh

This traditional dress is a form of traditional and western outlook simultaneously. It makes a memorable statement when you wear it. In fact, these days it is an ongoing trend. This attire can be worn at functions, parties, or casually as well.


Que. What is the importance of wearing traditional attire?

Ans. Traditional attires are of utmost importance in order to represent one ‘ s country. As Punjabi suit represent Punjab well. Also, it is the best way to stay attached to your ethnical roots. So, everyone must wear traditional outfits.

Que. What is the best footwear option that can go perfectly with any traditional attire?

Ans. Punjabi Jutti is essential traditional footwear that can be easily teamed up with any traditional outfit.

Que. What is the famous folk dance of Punjab?

Ans. Punjab is famous for its best folk dances which are popular all over the country. These dances include Giddha, bhangra, buddy, summit, Kikli, etc.

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