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5 Decor tips to keep your home cool in this summers.

Hello friends, Today in this article m gonna share with you some of the best ways to keep your home cool during these hot summer days.

Summers are hot in the Indian sub-continent. The concrete structures of your houses get hot very soon when exposed to sunlight. To cool your building you need air coolers or air conditioners. These are very costly, so cannot be affordable to everyone. Also, coolers cannot be used in humid areas. As you know may is going on than June and July months have really a terrible heat with them.

So you have to use some alternatives by which you can easily cool your houses with little cost. In this article, we will discuss some of the useful methods to cool down the temperature of your home which will ultimately result in lowering the cooling cost and make you feel comfortable during this summer season. So, let’s have a look at all the ways.

Agro net

Agro net-5 Decor tips to keep your home cool in this summers.-By Live Love Laugh

These are called green nets. You have seen many times at certain places these nets are used in order to hide the building. It is a very reasonable and less costly item. This is very useful to keep the home temperature cool. You can use it mainly in two ways. One of the most efficient ways to use this is on your terrace garden.

You can make a setout area on the height of 6-7 ft., make an aluminum tent and keep a green net shade on that. So that the sunlight will directly fall on the net only, thereby your terrace will remain cool. Thus, you will feel comfortable as well as cool. The second way to use this net is by placing it on the sides which consumes more amount of heat.

You can keep this net from above means to the terrace to the bottom of your building. By doing so, heat will bear to the green net first and your walls will not get hot. Also, the internal temperature of the house will remains normal. So, you can use this green net in any of the above ways to lower the temperature of your building.

Heat reflective paints.

Heat reflective paints.-5 Decor tips to keep your home cool in this summers.-By Live Love Laugh

These are such paints that are mainly made in such a way that when sunlight falls on them, they immediately reflect it and have a good ultraviolet energy-bearing capacity. These paints are specially made to reflect more and more heat. So, you should take good quality and brand-selected paints during this summer season as there are countless fake paints which are available in the market.

You can apply this paint on your terrace so that 4-5 degree temperature will get controlled. If there is any room which is on the top floor and gets hotter more easily, then this paint would help to reduce the temperature. Most of the companies claim to reduce the temperature up to 8 degrees.

False ceiling.

False ceiling-5 Decor tips to keep your home cool in this summers.-By Live Love Laugh

In this ceiling, you will get extra benefit as, if you do a normal false ceiling then it will not step so much heat as there are some gaps created in between. So, if you are doing normal gypsum false ceiling then this is the best way to do rock full or glass full failing in between your terrace and false ceiling. Apart from this, there are two products that are naturally designed to transfer heat.

One is calcium silicate lightweight tile. It comes from a renowned company aerolite which is a good product. Another is magnesium board. It is a very good product that reflects heat. This can be applied on the outer as well as inner sides of the wall. It has the ability to prevent thermal conductivity.

Asturian polymer sheets.

Asturian polymer sheets-5 Decor tips to keep your home cool in this summers.-By Live Love Laugh

It comes in blocks. It is available in the market as an XPS product. This comes in different types of thickness 25 mm, 50 mm, or more. You can use it according to the amount of heat that is to be controlled. This product can be used in the existing roof or you can use this product first and then create a roof. So, it will stop the heat in a better way. This is one type of thermal that prevents the heating of your room.

Ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans.-5 Decor tips to keep your home cool in this summers.-By Live Love Laugh

Ceiling fans are the best alternative to cool your home during the hot summer days. Sometimes, you may notice that ceiling fans give off hot air rather than cool it down. So, the best way to bring cool air from a ceiling fan is to set the ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise at a high speed. This is because, in the warmer season, you should set the direction that makes your room cooler and feel comfortable.


Que. How does electrical equipment leave a load on budgets?

Ans. This is a ground reality that summers are most hooter days of the season. In order to stay cool one may invest in different electrical implements such as AC, Air coolers, etc which are very costly. So, they are may impose a heavy load on our budget.

Que. what are the disadvantages of using AC in summer?

Ans. No doubt, keeping our homes cool is our utmost priority. But using AC in excess is related to some drawbacks. Such as:-
1. AC contains an excessive amount of CFC gas which is harmful to the environment and is a gas that is directly related to global warming.
2. AC impacts badly on health, people may have problems with their joints, respiration, and many more.
3. It may leave a heavy load on the budget.

Que. What are the natural ways to keep your home cool?

Ans. You can plant green trees around your home or use desk fans in your room to lower the temperature of your house.
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