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5 food tips for hiking and tracking.

Hello friends, today in this article m.gonna share with you some of the best food tips you can keep in your mind while going for any hiking and tracking tour.

Hiking and tracking are two terms that mean exploring the forests vegetation and mountains on our own feet. It is somewhere difficult for some people who have respiratory problems, but it is enjoyable too for those people who love to explore different scenic views.

There are so many things that you have to take care of while going on any hiking and tracking trip such as, what to wear, what to carry with you, what types of meals you should take in your diet etc. So, in this article, we will shed a light on some most important tips about the food that you can carry with you. This will help you to enjoy your journey without any extra effort.

It is true that “a healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. So, in order to cover large distances over the mountains you have to take care of your health first. If you eat a proper diet with the optimum amount you will stay hale and hearty and will be able to collect the best tracking experience. Let’s have a look at the following tips:-

Choose lightweight foods.

Choose lightweight foods-5 food tips for hiking and tracking.-by live love laugh

The first and foremost thing about food that you are taking with you on your tracking trip is that you should choose lightweight food. The reason is that heavy meals are difficult to carry with them. Moreover, you also know proteins take a longer time to digest at high altitudes. As we go up on the altitudes, oxygen. The level goes down. If you have to consume heavy meals, then you will have to face so many problems such as difficulty in breathing, heavy stomach, vomiting, etc.

So lightweight food will help you to avoid such problems. Also, you should avoid nonveg food or you can eat eggs instead because egg contains energy and are easy to prepare as well as digest. Eggs will prevent muscles clot and will break down muscle proteins. So, lightweight food is an utmost priority while going for any hiking or tracking trip.

Pack the right foods.

Pack the right foods.-5 food tips for hiking and tracking.-by live love laugh

It is important to pack the right amount of food. Lightweight food in the proper amounts will help you to enjoy your journey. other foods such as sugar candies, and cream biscuits are not suitable at high altitudes. Because a low amount of oxygen is present over there so these sugar-rich foods will lead to a sour throat. Foods such as chocolate and energy bars are also avoidable because they are known as sudden boosters of energy.

As they are almost made up of sugars, so they may provide you with sudden energy but will result in poor health conditions after the passage of some time. So, you should take the proper amount of food with you for better health.

Focus on food nutrition.

Focus on food nutrition-5 food tips for hiking and tracking.-by live love laugh

It is essential to keep an eye on your food whenever you are going on any hiking or tracking tour. You have to eat a healthy breakfast in order to cover a large distance without any distractions. It can help you stay energetic throughout the day. If you love to drink coffee or tea in the morning, you should avoid that as these types of drink usually contains caffeine cravings.

Caffeine is the utmost reason behind dehydration. So, you should avoid these drinks instead you can drink 6-7 glasses of water. For lunch and dinner, you must take food that is rich in carbohydrates. you may eat, potato, rice sweet potato, etc. This type of food digest slowly and provide you with a high amount of energy during the daytime.

Plan easy-to-prepare meals.

Plan easy-to-prepare meals-5 food tips for hiking and tracking.-by live love laugh

It is important to plan easy-to-prepare food before going on such trips. This is because you have to carry fewer tools, and you can save time as well. So you should carry foods such as:-
1 pod that delight- This recipe can be prepared in 5-10 minutes only. For this, you just have to need a spoon or a bowl and some dried vegetables like carrots, onions, broccoli, peas, etc. Sauces and peanuts. This is a healthy recipe for your trip and easy to prepare also.

2- meat and potatoes- This is another easy-to-prepare recipe. In order to prepare this recipe you just need to have potatoes, sauces, cheese, dried onions, etc. It is also a health-friendly recipe and can be prepared only in 5 minutes.
Other recipes are also for you such as loaded mashed potatoes and chicken pot pie which are easy to prepare.

Pack foods you enjoy.

Pack foods you enjoy-5 food tips for hiking and tracking.-by live love laugh

This is a good idea to pack such foods which are enjoyable for you. If you are a snack lover you must pack that. Because if we enjoy our food while our trip we remain healthy and fit.


1Que. Why do people go hiking or tracking ??

Ans. There are so many reasons behind this:-
1. Some people are adventurous by nature, they love to explore different sites of the world. They always try to watch some new sites and views, so in order to satisfy their curiosity they go on such trips.
2. Another reason is that some people have a fear of heights. So, in order to overcome their fears they go on these trips.

3. Some people are nature lovers. They want to take a deep breath in the fresh air of mountains and forests. Meditating in the fresh and cool air helps them to reduce their everyday stress, so that’s why they love to go on such trips.

2 Que. why do some people go on hiking and tracking by making groups???

Ans. There are mainly two reasons behind this.
1 As we all know in this era of modernization, it is hard to spend time with our friends or loved ones. So, people who for
Such trips in groups are more likely to spend quality time with their friends.

2It is safe to travel in groups because mountains and forests are full of dangers as there are so many wild animals and natural calamities. So in order to protect themselves it is good to travel in groups.

3Que. What are the benefits of hiking and tracking??

Ans. There are plenty of bright sides to going on hiking and tracking tours.
1 To explore the world.
2 . To enjoy beautiful panoramic views of mountains, and forests with our naked eyes.
3. Spend quality time with your friends.

4 To take a deep breath in the fresh and cool air
5. To overcome the fears of heights.
6. To understand the lives of tribal people.

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