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7 Best serums for face in India

Hello Friends, Today in this article we will talk about the 7 best serums for the face in India.
Have a morning skincare routine or nighttime skincare routine. They contain a product that plays a vital role in maintaining your beauty. That is serum.

It is not necessary that you apply serum two or three times a day, you can apply it once a day and it is sufficient. So today we discuss the best serum for the face in India. The best part is that all serum will be available at affordable prices. Toner is applied after you wash your face and serum is applied after applying toner.

Serum molecules are smaller but slightly larger than toner molecules. Serum molecules work faster on the skin than any moisturizer or cream. So let’s get started …

Purple oil control serum

Purplle-Oil-Control-Serum - 7 Best serums for face in India - by liveloveaugh

This is the perfect serum for oily skin. Because it is an oil control serum. It also contains tea tree oil. So if you have oily skin, acne, pimples issues then try this serum once. It contains papaya. Which helps in lightening the dark spots. It is not very expensive, you can get it in the range of around 300 rupees. This is the best serum for the face.

VIT citrus age-defying serum

vit citrus - 7 Best serums for face in India - by liveloveaugh

It contains pure 20% vitamin C and age-defying properties. When you are older, especially when you are 28 plus, you should start using anti-aging products. Keep in mind that if you are 28 plus then all the skin products you use should contain vitamin C.

It slows down the anti-aging properties, gives a natural glow. So skin products should have vitamins. It is a very good serum for anti-aging, pigmentation, dark spots. But those with very oily skin should avoid this serum. This is the best serum for the face.

Kozicare serum

kozicare serum - 7 Best serums for face in India - by liveloveaugh

This Kozicare serum skin whitening serum, this serum is a little expensive near about 600. Skin whitening serum is not that it will make your skin instantly white, but yes it does lighten your dark spots. This serum can be used by people with oily skin and normal skin. But it is not suitable for dry skin.

Good Vibes Grapeseed serum

good vibes grapeseed serum - 7 Best serums for face in India - by liveloveaugh

This serum plays a big role in making the skin glow. More than glowing, its main feature is that it keeps the skin hydrated better. This serum is available at absolutely reasonable prices. All purple brand products are available at affordable prices. It also has anti-aging properties. Makes skin glowing and soft.

NV Bae serum

NV serum - 7 Best serums for face in India - by liveloveaugh

This serum is for teenagers. By the way, teenagers do not need to apply serum but if you still want to use then this is the best skin serum for you. It has multivitamins qualities. Perfect serum for oily skin. Applying it gives a very nice glow. It also has whitening properties. Which gives your skin a very good skin tone.

VLCC Snigdha skin whitening serum

VLCC serum - 7 Best serums for face in India - by liveloveaugh

This is also the best serum for the face. Those with oily skin can use this serum comfortably. People with oily skin are a little afraid to use any product. But believe me, this serum is just right for you. You can get it at an affordable price from any local market or online shopping site.

Biotique serum

biotique serum - 7 Best serums for face in India - by liveloveaugh

Biotique brand is the oldest brand in India. All of these skin products are very natural. Do not harm the skin in any way. People with any skin problem can use this serum. Whatever your skin type, oily, dry, normal, acne, pimples, pigmentation, anti-aging problem. It remains perfect for everyone. You can buy this serum at affordable prices from online from amazon and local markets.


Q. Give the name of some best serums for face in India?

Ans. Purple oil control serum, Kozicare serum, Biotique serum, Good vibes grapeseed serum.

Q. Which serum is best for teenagers?

Ans. NV Bae serum is best for teenagers.

Q. What is the price range of Kozicare serum?

Ans. The price of Kozicare serum is around 600.

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