Easy yoga aasan to ease menstrual pain from a yoga expert

This article covers some yoga arsons which can reduce the pain that occurs during the menstrual period. These Asian can be done comfortably at home in periods.

Every woman faces menstrual pain every month. This pain may be for 5 days but is very painful. The problem of premenstrual tension is very common in many women. If possible keep yourself calm for the few days before the period.

Some ladies have a lot of problems with this pain and some don’t even know the periods are running or menstrual pain. Today we will talk about some of the yoga asanas that can be done during the menstrual time and these are sent to help to reduce the pain of lower back mean and menstrual cramps.

Ladies who have the problem of menstrual pain must do it and follow this article asana.



this asana helps in reducing your cramps and also helped a lot in the blood circulating. Reduce the lower back pain. You can do this asana during periods.

1. Sit with your legs straight forward
2. Open the right-left to the right side and left leg to the left side
3. Try to straighten the spine otherwise you can also use v to straighten the spine or back

4. Keep your knees straight and your hands should touch the thumbs
5. Now move the upper part of your body from the hips downward. Don’t go down to forgo only to those who can you can also use folded blanket around a pillow for this

6. Place the blue between your legs in front of you and band over to place your forehead on it.
7. Come back slowly and relax try to do this as every day in periods you will feel definitely relieved by doing this asana.



this asana is also called forward fold pose. It helps to regulate your mensuration circle.

1. Stretch your legs straight forward
2. Lean body forward and place your head slightly above your knees on your legs
3. Straighten your hands and straight forward your elbows on the ground

4. You don’t have to keep your head on your legs. You can also use a round pillow for this asana
5. Place the pillow on the legs and went the body forward and place the forehead on the pillow and take long breaths
6. This will give you a lot of relief from pain



this asana reduces lower back pain and cramps. Also, remove the stiffness from the hips.
1. Sit cross-legged and place the right foot on the left thigh and then place the left foot on the right thigh in the same way

2. Now lie down back
3. Make sure your knees touch to ground
4. Lift your head and place on the ground and keep back on the upper side from the ground
5. Place your hands on your thighs

6. Stay in this position for 10 to 15 seconds and take long breaths
7. Now slightly move your head upper and sit in a relaxed position and straighten your legs to relax.
8. Do this asana during periods to reduce lower back pain

ANANTASANA ( Vishnu sleeping pose):


This posture helps the hips to open the pelvic floor. It stretches the region and also balances the menstrual disorders.

1. Lie down on the left side of the body. Hold the left hand slightly up and place it on the ear
2. Hold the right leg up and grab the toe with your right hand
3. Keep your legs straight .make sure your knee is straight

4. Stay in this position for 15 to 20 seconds and take breathing
5. Now come back and straight position and relax
6. Do it with the other side of the body



this butterfly poses is very beneficial for lower back pain and menstrual cramps. This asana is also known as angle pose.
1. Lie down the backside. Use a pillow to support the lower back
2. You can also practice this asana on your bed
3. Extend The knees outwards

4. Join the soles of feet together
5. Place both hands on your navel and close the eyes and keep breathing
6. Table 2 to 3 minutes in this position
7. Now come back and relax position

FAQ ( frequently asked questions)

Q. Write the 5 yoga asana to ease menstrual pain.


Q. Can you do asthma in periods?.

Ans. Yes, there are some asanas that you can do during Menstrual time.

Q. Does the arsenal relieve your lower back pain and cramps?.

Ans. Do some mentioned asana to relieve your lower back pain and menstrual cramps like forwarding BEND, CHILD’S POSE, MATSYASANA, SLEEPING VISHNU POSE, SUPTA BUDDHA LONASANA.
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