Yoga vs meditation here’s how they are different from each other



yoga is primarily a spiritual discipline. Yoga word is like a complete science in itself, which connects mind-body, soul and universe. yoga was practiced 5000 years ago. Which is known in Indian philosophy as the practice of mind and body.

Yoga combines breathing techniques as meditation for relaxation. According to maharishi Patanjali, yoga is about eliminating the ups and downs of the mind. Controlling the modification of the mind.

Now this day is celebrated in all over world as international yoga day. This day firstly celebrated on 21 June 2015. From then on every year this day is celebrated as international yoga Day at 21 June. On this day people do exercise and yoga and Asians together and calm The mind with yoga. But over the years yoga is associated with physical fitness only.


Meditation-Yoga vs meditation here's how they are different from each other-By live love laugh

meditation is a part of yoga which deals with mental relaxation and concentration of mind. There is a great lack of serenity in today’s hectic life. Human want to keep quiet from this noise for a while. If you are too under stress all the time and want to keep your mind calm then you can resort to meditation.

Meditation has been shown to be very helpful in keeping the mind calm. This is why the whole world tries to keep the mind healthy through yoga and meditation. After that meditation day is celebrated in all over the world as World Meditation Day. Now this day is celebrated at 15 May in the whole World known as World Meditation Day.



yoga remove negative thoughts from the mind.
Yoga is physically exhausting.

• Improve self-awareness
• Better posture
• Helps in concentration
• Yoga remove stress from our body
• Increase flexibility in the body

• Helps to increase inner strength, focus, and concentration
• Relieves stress
• Increase energy

• All-round fitness
• Improve immunity
• Improved sleep
• It developmental health

• Improve lung capacity
• Reduce weight and stress level
• Yoga improves flexibility
• Body feel fresh after yoga



• Meditation relieves nervousness
• Development of mental powers
• It stops the restlessness and instability of the body and mind
• Creativity is growing

• Health improve
• No stress problems prevail
• Anger and irritability goes away
• Blood pressure stays under control

• Increase physical and mental strength
• Improve some more immunity alertness and energy
• Reduce emotional explosions
• Your thoughts always turn positive

• Improve the sleep
• Develop confidence
• Body feels fresh after meditation.


• You guys practice gives all-around benefits. Meditation is part of yoga deals with mentally relaxation.
• Yoga incarnates physical training but meditation practice on mental training.
• Yoga improve flexibility but meditation is a stress management.

• Yoga is performed with body movements but meditation is performed without moving
• Yoga cover all over the form of stability but meditation only covers mental stability.
• Yoga lead to physical fitness but meditation leads to mental lucidity and self understanding.
• Yoga has more physical benefits but meditation has move mental benefits.

• Body feels fresh after yoga
• Mind feels fresh after meditation.
• 8 types of yoga
 Kundalini
 Ashtanga
 Raja yoga
 Hatha yoga
 Swarna yoga
 Jnana yoga
 Bhakti yoga
 Manta yoga

• Five types of Meditation
 Mindful meditation
 Reflection meditation
 Mantra meditation
 Focused meditation
 Visualization meditation


According to the yoga Vaidya Shiv Ji is the first Yogi. Thousands of years ago on the banks of the Himalayas and Kanti Sarovar Shivji taught yoga to the sages. Then those seven sages propagate this yogic method all over the world and in India this method got the highest acceptance.

The subject of yoga written form was first found in great books of Hinduism. Deserve called Ved. These Vedas are divided into four parts namely – Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda, and Atharvaveda. All these available also written in India then the most famous Yogi maharishi Patanjali wrote the ways in which language after 1947 yoga centers were opened In many cities in India. Yoga proved to be very helpful in uniting the all people.

Then this day started to be celebrated all over the world. yoga day was first observed in India on June 21, 2017. And after the announcement at the United Nations it was accepted to spread rapidly around The World. Now June 21 is celebrated in all over the world as international yoga day.


Meditation had taken place in India long ago. Evidence of this can be found in picture made five thousand years ago. The written form of meditations in found in Vedas 1500 years ago. In ancient times meditation was a religious and ascetic practice.

Who crossed the boundaries of human life and get a divine power with the help of meditation. In earlier times sages used to sit there monks and teach meditation as a very important activity. But nowadays meditation is done only to keep the mind calm.



Yoga is an old way of exercise. Which was developed in India thousands of years ago and has been practiced ever since. Yoga is now practiced all over the world especially in western countries. Yoga is an art in which the body connect with the mind .it is a type of exercise with which all the elements of body connect with the brain.

The body and soul are connected to each other through yoga. Yoga is Sanskrit word which means union and the discipline. It is breathing exercise in which one learns to control movement of different organs of body and connect body with soul.


Q. When is international yoga Day celebrated?

Ans. 21 June.

Q. When was the first yoga Day celebrated?

Ans. 21 June 2017.

Q. What is the most important difference between yoga and meditation?

Ans. Yoga is a practice that gives all-around benefits. Meditation is part of yoga but it deals with mental relaxation.

Q. When is world meditation day celebrated?

Ans. 15 May.

We hope you find this information very useful. We also hope that the difference between yoga and meditation will be understood. These two are definitely different but both are beneficial for our bodies. Yoga covers the whole body and meditation is for our brain. So don’t get involved in their definition, just read it once and you will understand that both are very important for our health.

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