4 unusual types of petha that you can taste in Agra.

Hello friends, today in this article m gonna share with you some various types of petha that you can enjoy while visiting Agra.

Agra is a beautiful and most famous city for its beautification, Taj Mahal, and so many other tourists sites. Every year plenty of visitors come here to spend their free time in the best way. Agra is most famous for its Petha varieties. There are so many types of petha you can taste in Agra. Some people have a sweet tooth so these types of petha are the best chance for them to satisfy their cravings for sweets. So let us have a look at these special varieties of petha in order to taste something sweet.

Sada petha.

Sada petha.-4 unusual types of petha that you can taste in Agra.-By live love laugh

This is the first type of petha that is most popular in Agra. This type is a king of sweets among all the Agra sweets. It is consumed by the people at different events. The special and most fascinating thing about this type is that it is crunchy on the outside but is more juicy and tasty from the inside. If you taste it for the first time you will never forget about the taste in your lifetime.

It is free from any type of dry fruits, So it is best for those people who do not like to have dry fruits in their sweets. Also, it is a conventional and best type of petha.

Pan petha.

Pan petha.-4 unusual types of petha that you can taste in Agra.-By live love laugh

This is the second most famous type of petha that you can easily taste in Agra sweet shops. This petha is rich with the goodness of pan, dry fruits juicy taste. This petha resembles the pan because of its astonishing smell and taste. Also, the ingredients added to enhance its taste make it really worth eating sweet, such as cashews, gulkand, etc. It provides you with a feeling of freshness after you taste it.

you can eat it in any shop in Agra. Hot summer days if spent with the goodness of pan petha is real heaven on earth. So, you must go for this delicious sweet taste of pan petha whenever you visit Agra.

Kesar angoori petha.

Kesar angoori petha.-4 unusual types of petha that you can taste in Agra.-By live love laugh

This is another real gemstone type of petha in Agra. It has really a strange preparation and the taste is even more appealing. This sweet is made by dipping pieces of ash gourd in lime for about 2-3 hours so that the bitterness from these pieces may be removed after this process these are taken out from the lime solution and then these pieces are soaked in the sugar so that they become sweet in taste. This sweet acts as a natural preservative you can store it for a longer time.

In order to enhance the taste of the sweet some saffron and milk are also sprinkled on the outer part so that it will look attractive and you cannot control your cravings for this sweet. So this is another unusual type of petha that will help you to increase your curiosity to taste all types of pethas.

Chocolate petha.

Chocolate petha.-4 unusual types of petha that you can taste in Agra.-By live love laugh

If you are a chocolate lover and have this taste in petha it will become a double dose of tastes. This sweet has the goodness of chocolate and freshness of petha. This sweet is popular among all the people who have a sweet tooth and are chocolate lovers.

A layer filled with pure chocolate and juicy petha provides you with such a soothing effect on both your mind as well as your soul. If you taste this sweet once in your lifetime your taste buds will never forget about its taste and it will linger in your mouth for a longer time. So must have tasted this sweet.


1Que.why Agra is most famous for petha?

Ans. Agra is a beautiful city. It is loaded with so many sweets but petha is the most popular sweet of Agra. There are certain reasons behind this, and are listed below:-
1. Agra people have better culinary skills.
2. Petha is a traditional sweet of Agra.
3 This sweet is a symbol of the glory of Agra.
4 Most people have a sweet tooth.
5. proper hygienic conditions while preparing this sweet is another reason for its popularity.

2Que what are the other types of sweets you can taste in Agra other than the petha??

Ans. As you already know Agra is famous for its culinary skills. so, other than petha there are so many other sweets that you can taste in Agra city. These are as follows:-
1 Dodha barfi
2 jalebi
3 gulkand
4 rasgulla
5 pede

3 Que. Why do most people like to visit Agra??

Ans. Agra is a renowned city. Most people like to visit this city as it is a famous tourist place. There are a number of thing in Agra that makes it a perfect tourist site for people. Such as:-
1Taj Mahal
2 Agra ka petha
3 historic Agra forts
4 Tomb of Akbar the great
5 Mehtab bagh.

The beauty of Agra allures most people. So a large number of tourists come to visit this place every year and enhance their knowledge about their rich history and spend a quality time with their loved ones.
Also, Delhi is near Agra. Every year international students and people come to India and in order to enjoy themselves and to collect some sweet and memorable moments, they come to Agra.

By doing so, they come across all the historical monuments that are present in Agra and obtain rich as well as useful knowledge about their history. So, we can say that Agra is a storehouse of knowledge.
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