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3 places in Mathura that serves delicious sweet treats.

Hello friends, today in this article m gonna share with you some special places in Mathura that are famous for their sweet tastes.

Mathura is the birthplace of Shri Krishna. This is a holy place that is famous for its temples and some of the tastes that it provides to its customers. This city is renowned for its sweets which are prepared from pure milk. As it is a holy place so most of the people of Mathura are pure vegetarians. Hindus are more likely to eat satvik cuisines in their food.

So Mathura is a tourist destination for most people who love to explore this beautiful city of temples. There are so many places where you can taste various kinds of foods. But in this article, we will discuss the 3 most famous places in Mathura that serves sweet treats among people. So, let’s have a look at that places:-

Peda of brijwasi sweets.

Peda of brijwasi sweets.-3 places in Mathura that serves delicious sweet treats.-By live love laugh
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This is the first most famous sweet shop in Mathura that can satisfy your cravings for sweets. peda is a traditional sweet of Mathura. There is a myth among the inhabitants of Mathura that Radha was boiling the milk. she was busy with other household chores at that time milk boiled continuously and became changed into a thick consistency m when Radha watched this she adds coconut powder to it and shaped it around with her hands like a peda. ,

From that time to now peda become the most popular sweet in Mathura. But it is now prepared in other ways. Peda is now made with milk and Mewa and some dry fruits are also mixed in it for a special taste.
Brijwasi peda shop is a renowned shop in Mathura. They are serving these sweets for many years and are renowned for their royal taste.

They also serve other types of sweets such as Bengali, Marwari, Gujarati, and many more. If you have a sweet tooth and want to try something best in sweet taste then you must go for this delicious cuisine whenever you visit this place. The address for this famous shop is brijwasi, At, Holgate Rd, tilak dewar, Mathura.

Kalicharan’s Imarti.

Kalicharan’s Imarti.-3 places in Mathura that serves delicious sweet treats.-By live love laugh
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If you are looking for something special in taste and strange in preparation then this sweet is the best answer for you. This sweet is known as imarti. it is prepared from urad ki daal. firstly urad dal is taken in a container and then wash with clean water 2-3 times.

Then it is soaked in the sunlight for 2-3 hours, when the moisture becomes soaked then it is ground in the mixy to form a fine powder. Then add water to make a fine paste. in order to prepare cash sugar and water are mixed and boiled until it becomes thicker inconsistently.

This sweet resembles jalebi in the shape but has a different taste than that. you can taste it in the most famous sweet shop at Kalicharan mithai, holi gate, Mathura. This is a must visiting place to try this special sweet.

Shree jee Lassi bhandar.

Shree jee Lassi bhandar.-3 places in Mathura that serves delicious sweet treats.-By live love laugh
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If you want to stay hydrated and refreshed then this sweet drink is the best option for you in Mathura. This shop provides you with two types of lassi such as sweet and Namkeen lassi. Meethi lassi. you can taste this lassi for only rs40, which is budget-friendly. This lassi is prepared from fresh curd which has a very low amount of water in it. It is stirred to make a thick consistency.

Then it is served with the addition of some rose powder and Kesar over it which allures every customer. During the summer season, it is the favorite sweet drink among people. It is refreshing and the best way to cool down on hot summer days. You can taste this special lassi at a very renowned shop at Opp. Mukesh Sharma chat, Banke Bihari colony, Mathura.


1Que. Why Mathura is known as a holy place?

Ans.As Mathura is the birthplace of Shri Krishna. Besides, there are so many historic temples present in this city. Every year a number of people come to this city in order to pay obeisance in front of the temples. So because of these reasons, Mathura is known as a holy place.

2Que.what are the things to taste in Mathura??

Ans. Mathura is famous for so many eatables. You can taste sweet, spicy, crunchy any type of food here. The special dishes of Mathura that are mouth-watering for you and are most popular are as follows:-
1 khaman dhokla
2 Kodi
3 chole bhature
These are recipes are spicy and are best in taste. so you must try them whenever you visit such a place.

3 Que . what are the famous tourist sites in Mathura??

Ans. Mathura is the best place to visit. It is a holy place that refreshes your mind and soul with the positivity of shrine places. You will feel relaxed while visiting this place. There are so many sites where travelers come every year and collect some unforgettable memories with their loved ones.

This place is known for different temples which are related to our rich history. These are as follows:-
1. Shri Krishna Balram temple
2. Mathura museum
3. Radharani temple
4. Goverdhan hills
5. Kusum Sarovar
6. Vishram ghat
7. Dwarkadish temple
8. Prem mandir
9. Banke Bihari temple
10. Shri Krishna temple
These all are the most famous temples and tourist sites of Mathura.
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