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5 Stunning blue water beaches in India to visit.

Hello friends, today in this article we will discuss 5 such most stunning beaches of India which are must-visit.

Have you ever thought about visiting a beach?? The answer is simple. we all are busy with our own businesses, we do not have enough time. A beach is a place that soothes our soul with mesmerizing views of mountains, lush green trees, sand, small pebbles, etc. Most of the time we consider the beaches to the tranquil and peaceful places. By visiting these places we can spend quality time with our family, friends or our loved ones.
So, here you can explore the world by knowing 5 such blue water beaches where you can visit and make your time worthy. Let’s have a look at the following list of beaches.

Elephant beach, Andaman.

Elephant beach, Andaman.-5 Stunning blue water beaches in India to visit.-by live love laugh

Andaman island has a number of beaches on its lap, but elephant beach is the most popular beach on this island. This beach is located on the beautiful havelock island of Andaman. This beach is covered with blue water which always allures the visitors. This beach is ideal for experiencing underwater life and spending quality time in a serene as well as a most beautiful environment.

Every year thousands of visitors come to this beach and enjoy their priceless time with their family and loved ones. It offers water sports such as undersea walks, Snorkeling kayaking, and many others. It is the best beach to visit in the Andaman Islands.

Marina beach, Chennai.

Marina beach , Chennai.-5 Stunning blue water beaches in India to visit.-by live love laugh

The city of Chennai also has many different types of beaches, but we will talk about the most special and stunning beach of Chennai, which is more likely to visit by the Indian people. This beach is named Marina beach. It is India’s longest and the world’s second-largest beach. This beach is the most crowded beach in India with almost 30,000 visitors a day.

This beach is perfect for you whether you wish to take a horse ride by the seashore or want to enjoy a spellbinding 360-degree view of the city from the Chennai lighthouse. You can also taste the local as well as seafood at the various stalls near the seashore. So you must visit this beach once in your lifetime and collect some memorable moments with your loved ones.

Puri beach, Odisha.

Puri beach, odisha.-5 Stunning blue water beaches in India to visit.-by live love laugh

This beach is in the pilgrim city of puri, the most popular beach in Odisha and one of the largest beaches in the country. This beach is mainly special for its golden sand, and blue water, also well known for its peaceful and calm surroundings. Here you can obtain a taste of the local lifestyle of the puri people. Roadside stalls of this beach are famous for selling their local seafood as well as Indian snacks.

Besides tasting the delicious food, In the evening time, you can enjoy different rides on the seashore, such as camel rides or horse rides. Besides, you can also enjoy other activities on the beachside such as, sunbathing, swimming in the blue water, perform water sports. These all provide you with a better visiting experience and you would be unwilling to leave this place. So you must visit this beach and enjoy the best visiting experience.

Lighthouse beach, Kerala.

Lighthouse beach, Kerala.-5 Stunning blue water beaches in India to visit.-by live love laugh

Kerala is most commonly known as the heaven on the earth. So, the lighthouse beach of Kerala is a hot favorite in the Kovalam area. This beach has so much for the travelers such as Shining sand, dense forests, picturesque hill stations, as well as crystal clear blue water. In addition to this, there are so many shacks around the beach that serve delicious local seafood to their travelers. So this beach is also a worth visiting place for you.

Baga beach, Goa.

Baga beach, Goa.-5 Stunning blue water beaches in India to visit.-by live love laugh

This beach is located in north Goa. It is most famous for its dazzling nightlife because there are so many nightclubs where people can enjoy dancing, games, drinks, etc. Titos, memos, and burritos are the most famous nightclubs around this beach. It is one of the most visited beaches in north Goa. It also offers a vast range of water sports. So you can make up your mind to visit this most wonderful tourist destination beach.


1. Que. What are the advantages of visiting beaches?

Ans. There a plenty of benefits to visiting such places. such as:-
1 To experience water sports.
2 To interact with local people of that area, in order to know about their language, culture, customs they follow.
3 To taste seaside food, which is not available in our areas.
4. Explore some new things in life and enhance our knowledge.
5 . To know about stunning water-living animals with our naked eyes.

2. Que. What are the disadvantages of visiting the beaches?

Ans. Visiting the beaches have some drawbacks also and these are as follows:-
1. Some people have a problem with sunlight. So we already know at the beaches sunlight is plenty. so one can suffer from Suntan, sunburn, rashes, or allergy due to excessive sunlight.
2. Some people have a weak digestive system, so they may fall ill after eating the local seafood, which is hard to digest.
3 while performing water sports there is a high chance of getting an injury on your body.
4. There are so many weather changes be there on the beaches, so natural calamities are most common. At this time it is difficult to visit such places.

3. Que. Why do most people like to visit beaches?

Ans.There a certain reasons behind this question. These are listed below:-
1 some people are always eager to explore the world, so this type of people is more likely to visit the beaches.
2 As we all know today we all have a hectic schedule, which is full of depression, worries, and anxiety. So in order to calm their mood, people like to visit such places so that they can enjoy some quality time with their family and strengthens their bond with them.
3 Tranquility is essential for each and every one. So beaches are the most beautiful, serene and calm places to visit and collect some unforgettable moments with our loved ones.

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