3 main Things to discuss with your partner before you get married

Hello friends, today in this article we will tell you all the important things to be asked of your spouse before getting married.
Friends, marriage is a very important decision of life. After that life completely changes. Apart from increasing your responsibilities with getting married, your freedom also gets curtailed. That is why it is very important that before getting married, you should get this information about your future partner.

Marriage is that important decision in life that you have to take. It is also important to know what kind of partner you want for yourself and how much your thinking matches that partner. A lot of people fall in love and decide to marry their partner on the basis of their chemistry and connection.

Obviously, love is very important in marriage, but these things alone do not lead to a healthy and successful marriage. There are many other things which married people must look for in their partner. Therefore, before marriage, you must sit and talk with your partner and talk openly on some points. Here are some such questions that everyone must ask their future life partner and only after that they should take the decision of marriage.

Know these 3 main things before marriage:-

1 These questions will save you from having ideological differences with your spouse:-

3 main Things to discuss with your partner before you get married-by live love laugh-1

• Is marriage not happening under pressure?

Nowadays, most of the boys and girls have already had an affair, that’s why first of all you should ask her whether you are doing this marriage of your own free will or you have to get married due to family and social pressure. Many times boys and girls get married under pressure and later both of their lives get ruined due to not being satisfied with each other.

• What are hobbies and habits?

Ask about your partner’s likes and dislikes. By doing this, more than half the things get cleared on their own. Try to know from them what kind of boys and girls they like, what they want in a life partner, what kind of things they like, whether they are interested in serious things and whether they are interested in traveling more It is important to know all the things like that.

Discussion about friendship:-

Many friends of both of you will be very special. In such a situation, also discuss your friends and tell what place are those friends in your life and why. It is also important to introduce those friends to your partner. It is important to know what your partner thinks about your friendship with the opposite sex. Even if you do not see much power in these things, but after the beginning of the relationship, these things are the first cause of estrangement in the relationship. Therefore, your views on these issues should be clarified.

On Old Relationship:-

Many couples avoid talking about their old relationship with each other, but it is not right to do so. You should tell about all your past relationships, but also clarify what kind of mistakes you have made in past relationships. This will let each other know that they are open minded. Also share your experiences and explain why past relationships became insignificant. The relationships that follow it will be strong and there will be no old mistakes.

2 Ask questions about children, know about it also, consider:-

Family planning:–

Family planning–3 main Things to discuss with your partner before you get married-by live love laugh

It is very important to know your partner’s views about family planning before marriage. Before proceeding further, it should be asked that when and how many children he wants after marriage, what is his plan regarding children, honeymoon. This way, you will get a chance to know how far the two of you can adjust and whether you think in the same rhythm or not.

3:- Keep your opinion about job and financial help too

No problem with job girl:–

No problem with job girl–3 main Things to discuss with your partner before you get married-by live love laugh

It is very important for you to know what is the goal of your partner’s life. What position does he want to achieve in his career? At the same time, it should also be clarified that if you want to do a job after marriage, then there is no problem with it. Often, most of the working women want that she should get a life partner who will encourage her passion. By clearing all these things in advance, there are less chances of further disputes.

So I hope you all like this article and helpful for you to sure that what you should ask to your future life partner . So if you really like this so share with your friends and family .
Thank you.

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