3 locations in Rajasthan where you have an intimate wedding

The wedding season is in full swing and many people want to get married in an intimate way. Intimate weddings take place at some of these places, such venues are not usually found anywhere, but are very special and luxurious. Nowadays most of the people want that they do not want to do their wedding more socially and only want to do it in certain people.

This is a marriage that is only a personal matter of your home. Which does not include thousands of people. Such weddings are also called dream weddings or intimate weddings. Wedding locations in Rajasthan and all over the city are very special and spectacular. Where every Someone thinks of their dream wedding. So if you find the Rajasthan best wedding locations for Intimate weddings.

Today we are discussing some locations in Rajasthan where you can have intimate wedding.

Udai Kothi, Udaipur:

Udai Kothi, Udaipur-3 locations in Rajasthan where you have an intimate wedding-By live love laugh

This majestic white mansion is the perfect destination for your dream wedding. This mansion is located in Udaipur. Here you will find all kinds of luxury facilities. All kinds of luxury comforts, pools, bars, parlor everything. The Udai Kothi can accommodate guests from 10 to 200. All the rooms here are luxurious. King size bed both double- single.

Luxury bathrooms with shower, air conditioner room’s, free Wi-Fi, tea or coffee maker cattle, bathrobes, and one table & chair. Swimming pools and a spa are also available. In the spa, you get all kinds of facilities. They also offer massage. If you too are dreaming of a palace wedding then now your dreams will surely come true. If you are also looking for a location in Rajasthan for your wedding then Udai Kothi is the best place for your intimate wedding.

Fort Kherjala, Jodhpur:

Fort Kherjala, Jodhpur-3 locations in Rajasthan where you have an intimate wedding-By live love laugh

By now you too may have dreamed of an intimate wedding. But if you want to have your intimate wedding in reality so now and are looking for a great location in Rajasthan then let me know you fort Karjala, jodhpur is the best place. This is a 400-year-old fort. The fort was architected by the Rajputs. More than 600 guests can stay here. The cost per plate is 1000 / -. The food menu here is fantastic. Here you will find North Indian, Chinese, Thai, South Indian, garlic and onion tree, chaat, and Indian street food. Here every method of payment is also adopted, like net banking, cash, debit/credit card. By having your wedding here you can make your guests feel royal. And they will always remember your wedding like a dream. They have probably never seen such a marriage before. From here, the bride and groom feel like kings and queens. Ordinary people cannot come to this hotel, only those who go to stay there can come. Here you will find all kinds of facilities, luxury rooms, gardens, food, pool, bar everything. So the time has come to make your dreams come true and get married in a wonderful place.

Jai Mahal Palace:

Jai Mahal Palace-3 locations in Rajasthan where you have an intimate wedding-By live love laugh

And if you are looking for a fabulous interior and tastiest dining and extravagant place for your intimate betting, if you want to spend more on wedding then Jai Mahal palace is the best destination for your intimate wedding. The palace has over 100 luxury rooms for accommodation. The cost of each room ranges from Rs 26,000 to Rs 31,000 per night. Food is the most important part of a wedding and you can’t ignore the food experience of Jai Mahal.

Lunch costs 3500 to 4500 and dinner costs 5500 to 7500 per person. If you want to accommodate and feed 200 guests for the wedding, it will cost approximately 71 lacs to 1.09 crores. Approximately wedding decoration costs 16-22 lakhs. Jai Mahal’s management manages every aspect of your marriage and makes it the best. Sub decorations like mandap, dedk & seats, path, entry gate, LEDs arrangement, music service, makeup artist, mehndi professionals, dancers who prepare a dance for your wedding.

Make your dream wedding a reality in real life by getting married here. You definitely feel king and queen. Make your guests feel royal too. And they will always remember your marriage. And you will never forget the special moments here.


Q. Write the food menu of fort kherjala?

Ans. South Indian, Chinese, Thai, garlic and onion-free, chaat, North Indian, and street food.

Q. where is Fort kherjala located?

Ans. fort kherjala is located at Jodhpur.

Q. What is the room cost in Jai Mahal Palace for one night?

Ans. The cost of each room varies from 26000to 31000.

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