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Top 5 Best Coolers that you must invest in this summer.

Hello friends, today in this article, m.gonna share with you some of the best summer air coolers which you must have on these hot summer days.

As you all know, summers are the hottest season of the year. During this season, our expenses also inflate. As, you have to make expenditure on the electronic gadgets such as AC, coolers, refrigerators in order to stay cool and calm. There are countless options and brands that you can take into account while buying any of these gadgets. But, today we will discuss the air coolers.

Everything you will find in this single article is about the best type of air cooler, efficiencies, durability, power consumption, top features, etc. So let’s have a look at all the types as well as the major features of air coolers in India.

Bajaj DC 55 air cooler.

Bajaj DC 55 air cooler.-Top5 Best Coolers that you must invest in this summer.-By live love laugh

If you are looking for the best as well as a budget-friendly deal then, this cooler is the best option for you. This is a cooler from a renowned company BAJAJ, which you can purchase during this summer season at a very reasonable cost. The main features of these coolers are:-
This is a cooler which comes with 55L water capacity and you will be provided with 5000 cubic meters/hour of airflow. This is the best airflow which consumes only 200w power.

This cooler is made up of thermoplastic material. It is specially designed with honeycomb pads, Hexa cool technology, chill-up traps, etc. It has a 4-way air deflection system. The turbofan technology works at the highest speed in a specific mode. It also has ice chambers and water level indicator features. In order to enhance the quality of this cooler, Bajaj gives you castor wheels for easy maintenance.

Its airflow is 70 ft. And the weight is about 20 kg. The company will give you a one-year comprehensive warranty and it costs you only rs. 9000. The best thing about this cooler is its cheap price and good quality. You must invest in this cooler and it will be worth your money as well.


Havells KOOL GRANDE.-Top5 Best Coolers that you must invest in this summer.-By live love laugh

This is the second major air cooler with the best features. It is featured with a 65 L water carrying capacity. It comes with airflow of 3500 cubic meters/ hour, which consumes a maximum of 220 w power. It is made up of good plastic material and is designed with amazing features such as honeycomb pads, having 4-way air deflection. It is also having an ice chamber and water level indicator in it. The best thing about this air cooler is its dry run-protected submersible pump.

It has a rust and shock-proof body and auto-fill feature as well. The auto-fill feature is a boon for those people who have placed their cooler near the taps. Also, it has inverter compatibility and a castor wheel with brakes, which makes it so unique. It weighs about 16 kg. Havells gives you a one-year comprehensive warranty and it costs you rs11500. It is an amazing cooler with the good build quality. So, you must think once about this air cooler.

Mahajraja whiteline maxberg 85 air cooler.

Mahajraja whiteline maxberg 85 air cooler.-Top5 Best Coolers that you must invest in this summer.-By live love laugh

It is slightly a better cooler than Haveli. In this cooler, you will have 85 L water capacity with 5300 cubic meter/hour airflow which consumes about 200 w power. It has a good plastic material, honeycomb pads, and 4 ways of air deflection. It also has rust and shockproof body. The best thing about this cooler is that it has a dry-run protected submersible pump. This has inverter compatibility with the water level indicator. It weighs about 15.5 kg. Its air throw is 45 ft. This company gives you one year warranty and it costs you 12500-13000.

Crompton ozone 88L air cooler.

Crompton ozone 88L air cooler.-Top5 Best Coolers that you must invest in this summer.-By live love laugh

This is an amazing air cooler with 88 L water capacity and airflow is 4500 cubic meters/hour, which consumes about 190 w power. This is made up of thermoplastic material. The main features of the cooler are honeycomb pads, 4-way deflection of air, ice chamber, and water level indicator. Ozone has auto vertical swing louvers. This is best for those people who want air up as well as down but not sideways. This has castor wheels, and motor overload protection.

It protects the motor from excessive power due to voltage fluctuations. It has an auto-fill feature and is inverter compatible. It has a weight of 15 kg. The airflow is 55-60 ft. It comes with one year warranty period and costs you about rs .10500. This cooler is best for small rooms, with less space, narrow doors, and ozone is perfect. So, if you are having a small house and want to cool your rooms then you must go for this air cooler.

Symphony sumo 75XL air cooler.

Symphony sumo 75XL air cooler.-Top5 Best Coolers that you must invest in this summer.-By live love laugh

It is one of the best air coolers among all the other 4 types. It is from symphony company which consumes about 185 w power. It comes with plastic material, honeycomb pads, and pure tech with 3 filters. It is mainly featured with the SMPS technology that will protect the motor during voltage fluctuations. Sumo 75XL is the best-featured cooler with an ice chamber, water level indicator, and automatic louvers movement.

It has a power chord winder and inverter compatibility as well. It weighs 13.5 kg. Air throw is also very good. Symphony gives you a 1-year warranty. It costs you around rs. 12000. This cooler has an amazing built quality. Air can be felt from each and every corner. So, this is the best ever air cooler you must own this summer season.


1 Que. What is the measure undertaken by the people while purchasing any electronic gadgets??

Ans. People are mostly aware of their shopping. When it comes to buying any electronic gadget they may consider a number of things. Such as durability, power consumption, efficiencies, warranty, processing, etc. After being sure about all these features they tend to buy any electronic gadgets.

2 Que:- which is a beat method for shopping any electronic device. online or offline??

Ans. Well, both methods are equally crucial in shopping. It mainly depends upon your personal choice that which method would you like to prefer to buy such things m Bout most of the times, people like to buy these devices through offline mode, because of warranty, repair assurance, method of easy payment, etc. But, some people are more satisfied with their online shopping as well.

3 Que. why do the summer sales incline with the temperature changes??

Ans. As the temperature increases, people feel hot. So, in order to stay cool, they tend to buy air coolers, A C. Etc. So, automatically the sales of these gadgets inclined with the rise in temperature.
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