8 Cozy Longwear Sets That You Can Totes Wear Outdoors

We’ve never been tied down, but working at home and flying requires the same clothes. You need something comfortable enough that you don’t have to fix (or worse, unbutton) buttons after a few hours, but you also need to be mentally prepared to go from pajamas to real clothes. Luckily, we live in an age where there are plenty of options for casual wear.

Here are eight of our favorite designs to add to your wardrobe. From luxurious sportswear to five-piece jumpsuits (including eye masks) and cozy knits, they’ll keep you comfortable wherever you are: at work, on the road, on the highway or in the air. Plus, some can be used as first-class sportswear, so you can keep your list of items to a minimum.

Lunya Restore travel gear

Lunya Restore travel gear-8 Cozy Longwear Sets That You Can Totes Wear Outdoors-By live love laugh

Corinne Quinn, director of Metropolitan Tour, is proud of the 5-piece Lunya travel kit she received as a gift in 2019. It includes a pair of very comfortable leggings (with pockets), a vest, sweater, socks, and a non-removable eye mask, all for under $300. All items are machine washable, but it’s best to lay them out on a flat surface to dry and put them in a mesh wash bag, which is also essential for trip preparation. The fabric increases blood circulation and oxygen levels in the tissues, allowing for better blood flow, which is crucial for long trips.

Marked Signaturesoft Sweatshirts

Marked Signaturesoft Sweatshirts-8 Cozy Longwear Sets That You Can Totes Wear Outdoors-By live love laugh

The “Marked Signaturesoft” is the perfect example of the WFH temperament and comfortable fit we were looking for. The top and back have a contoured shape and the sweatpants are tapered at the ankle. Each piece is made from a combination of viscose, acrylic and cozy elastane, making them really comfortable and tempting to wear all together at once. The sweatshirts and hoodies are available separately in nearly a dozen color variations, and if you need a combination, the sweatshirts can be purchased by video conference. They look more like a regular sweatshirt than a piece of sportswear, which makes them very fashionable.

Myers Sweater Set from Free Folks

Myers Sweater Set from Free Folks-8 Cozy Longwear Sets That You Can Totes Wear Outdoors-By live love laugh

This cozy Free Folks set is the perfect way to take your outerwear to the streets. The ribbed button-down cardigan and straight-leg pants offer a loose, casual fit. This cardigan has an elongated silhouette and a loose fit. The outfit is available in seven completely different colors, including Oatmeal, Plum Lily and Tahitian Breeze.

Outside Voices All Day Hoodie and Sweatpants

Outside Voices All Day Hoodie and Sweatpants 8 Cozy Longwear Sets That You Can Totes Wear Outdoors By live love laugh scaled

The new Outside Voices sweatshirt and hoodie set is designed to be worn virtually all day. In an effort to create the softest sweatshirt available, we used CloudKnit fabric, which is as comfortable as a well-worn pair of pajamas. These sweatpants have a high waist and a close-fitting hem for the flattest look. They are available individually in six completely different colors, from simple charcoal to rich kalamata purple.

Everlane’s Vintage of the Year

Everyone is a specialist in comfort-oriented clothing. We know that casual clothing is the uniform for most people these days, so it’s no surprise that our latest line was influenced by the basic display type. Watch Half Cut and Watch Jogger are also eco-friendly, made from 100% natural cotton, GOTS certified, and available in sizes XXS-XL. They are available in comfortable plus-size combinations in black, grey, laurel, red, and apricot.

Software Casual Suit

Software Casual Suit-8 Cozy Longwear Sets That You Can Totes Wear Outdoors-By live love laugh

You may never have to wear pajamas again if you wear a casual suit from Software. The material is cream-colored and comfortable inside and out. Each sweater and jogging pant is tailored and very comfortable, though their silhouette is pronounced to the point that the largest of them could have been a standard sweater. They’re also durable. The eco-friendly material resists pilling and holds its shape over time.

Cuyana asymmetrical sweater and cashmere skinny pants

Cuyana asymmetrical sweater and cashmere skinny pants-8 Cozy Longwear Sets That You Can Totes Wear Outdoors-By live love laugh

If you want a more noble look than sweatpants, Cuyana’s cashmere set is for you. This set includes skinny jogger pants and an asymmetrical turtleneck sweater. Jessica Paquette, editor of Travel magazine, says, “It’s comfortable, cozy and luxurious, so you won’t feel sloppy after wearing it. It’s the perfect work-at-home garment that can effectively interpret remote video conferencing, and paired with stylish sneakers, it’s a stylish ensemble for air travel.”

Girlfriend Collective’s mid-length joggers and crewneck T-shirt

Girlfriend Collective's mid-length joggers and crewneck T-shirt-8 Cozy Longwear Sets That You Can Totes Wear Outdoors-By live love laugh

Some Traveller editors are fans of the activewear sold by Girlfriend Collective, especially the basic high-waisted compression leggings. The model recently released a series of comfortable casual wear as part of her first gender-neutral collection, For All. We love the joggers and the low-cut T-shirt. Both come in sophisticated, understated colors like coffee and plaid and have a more relaxed fit than most of the other options on this list. When you’re walking around the neighborhood on the weekend or flying home, this is the best decision you can make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy good casual clothes?

You should buy good casual clothing online from manufacturers of all kinds of casual clothing. We love Cuyana’s understated pieces, St Agni’s sleek, tropical-inspired clothing and Calvin Klein’s iconic style. Check out our guide to the best women’s casual wear brands and get inspired by what suits your style and lifestyle.

Can I wear casual clothing outside?

Probably the biggest question about loungewear is ‘can I wear it outside? Unlike pajamas, you won’t be grossed out if you wear pajamas to the store.

Can I sleep in pajamas?

By covering your body completely and balancing your body temperature, you will be able to sleep effectively in any climate. In summary, loungewear is for staying at home and running a few errands, while pajamas are for sleeping. They are not only suitable for indoor use, but also for outdoor use.

Our sleepwear and pajamas the same thing?

Sleepwear is for sleeping only, while casual wear is for door-to-door wear. Pajamas are designed to provide eight hours of rest per night. You could say that pajamas and casual wear are interchangeable.

How do you make a man in pajamas look rich?

The only way to make a sweatshirt look expensive is to pair it with structured pieces. “Peju Famojur, a stylist working with Solange Knowles, told TZR, “Comfortable loungewear is a great way to make a person look richer. “Comfortable casual wear should be paired with more structured pieces, such as hard leather items like pants and fall jackets.

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