Why India is talking about ripped jeans

This article is about why India is talking about ripped jeans. Wearing jeans is an old, conventional, and contemporary tradition. People of all ages love to wear jeans from little children to old age. But it’s the favorite of an adolescent generation. We Indians are always fascinated by western culture in the design of the attire and standard of living. The wave of modernity that came in India has its origin in the west.

Jeans are worn from old times and it has its origin in Germany. Later on, people started wearing jeans all over the world. The human attire is the symbol of internal disposition and the culture we belong to. Our attire is a reflection of our internal nature and we always wear dresses according to events or places we are going. Dressing sense always reflects our upbringing and background. Education also teaches us an assessment of wrong and right in preventing ourselves formally and informally. It also developed the sense of morality and immorality in the true phenomena.
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Implementation of these educational values reflects in our dressing sense. The absurd and obscene dressing is always questionable. We are always followers of western culture in many senses. Warning jeans are always in vogue but these ragged jeans came in fashion after the protest or rebel shown by people. They wore torn or ragged jeans to show their anger. It was a “Punk-rock ‘ moment, which was against conventional trends.

These worn-out jeans became the style of fashion afterward. Fashion is a cyclical process, things or products keep on repeating from era to era. This ragged or torn-out is a symbol of poor and distress that’s why it is also known as a distressing pattern of jeans.
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Wearing ripped jeans is the degradation of our moral values It is criticized by many ministers and Prime Ministers also. Recently the chief minister of Uttrakhand has stated the moral values of women. He blamed ripped jeans for spoiling all the young generation. He is the newly appointed chief minister of the Northern state of Uttarakhand presented his views on ragged jeans and it’s effects on our society.

At the workshop organized by the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, he presented his views on ragged jeans by criticizing women he met on the flight who was traveling in the flight with his two children and has worn ragged knee-length jeans. He said that It will give a negative impact on our society and our moral values. He also criticized those parents who permit their children to wear such types of dresses. He pointed out women, by saying that they are degrading moral values and spreading obscenity by wearing such types of outfits.
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He also criticized the whole Indian community by blaming them for the following nudity and appreciating the western people for covering their bodies and doing yoga. He blamed whole Indians for rushing towards obscenity. This statement of Mr., Rawat became the victim of condemnation in India. The opposition party asked him to apologize publicly for his statement. The statement widely spread and became a matter of objection. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also criticized and shared the picture of PM Modi and his colleagues wearing shorts and showing their knees. This implies that we shouldn’t discriminate against anyone based on gender. India is a democratic country and everyone has the right to wear according to his desire.

We cannot assess anyone based on the dressing. It was also criticized by many women workers with pictures of men wearing ragged jeans. It is not the first time women have become the victim of criticism. Many times, many ministers and celebrities criticized women on the ground of dressing sense.


1) Are women’s clothing responsible for crime in India?

No, wearing any kind of attire is not the consequence of crime.

2) Should it be correct to discriminate against women based on dressing?

No, we can not discriminate against women based on their dressing.

3)Is it correct to protest against negative statements regarding women?

Yes, we should raise our voice against any negative statement because we are living in a democratic country and we have the right to fight for our moral values.

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