7 Types of Jeans Every Woman Should Have in Their Closet

Jeans are the cornerstone of our wardrobe, but there are so many different types of jeans for women that finding the right one can be a challenge.
If like us, your closet is filled with jeans but you only wear one pair, it’s time to take action.
After 12 months of pandemonium, food shortages are already an issue. Jeans have become “bulky pants” and it’s hard to wear clothes with a zipper. And TikTokkers have betrayed people over 25 by declaring skinny jeans “obsolete.

” If you’re nervously evaluating your out-of-fashion jeans as you prepare to leave the house in December, beware. We’ve got a new lineup of your favorite jeans, from sophisticated styles to casual weekend jeans (including skinnies and elastic waist jeans). So, get rid of those sweatpants (no, the point is to get rid of them!). Buy those pants now.

But you don’t have to go far to find jeans that fit. Some of the best jeans you’ll see are on the street. But if you’re willing to splurge a little, luxury jeans offer more durable materials and a wider selection of styles, washes, and fits. Plus, luxury jeans are often more environmentally friendly, which explains the higher prices.

From street jeans to high-end jeans, we’ve rounded up a selection of women’s jeans that your wardrobe will demand more of.

7 must-have jeans for everyone

Skinny jeans with a frame.

Skinny jeans with a frame.-7 Types of Jeans Every Woman Should Have in Their Closet-By live love laugh

Since the 1990s, skinny jeans have invaded our wardrobes and become a must-have item of clothing. If you want to try them, don’t let the word “skinny” fool you. They are made of lightweight, stretchy denim that fits all shapes and sizes. In short, skinny jeans are what count. High-waisted jeans emphasize your hips and accentuate your tummy. Remember, the darker the color of your jeans, the more prominent your legs will look. Frames make great skinny jeans if you can afford them.

Levi’s 501 Women’s Jeans.

Levi's 501 Women's Jeans.-7 Types of Jeans Every Woman Should Have in Their Closet-By live love laugh

They may be a little looser than skinny jeans, but they are made from a less stretchy denim, so straight-leg jeans look just as good. The stiffness of the material makes it tempting to size up, but all jeans stretch over time, so it’s best to stick with your traditional size. Small details like frayed edges and contrast stitching will make your new jeans even more appealing.

H&M’s oversized, loose-fitting mama jeans

H&M's oversized, loose-fitting mama jeans-7 Types of Jeans Every Woman Should Have in Their Closet-By live love laugh

Like straight-leg jeans, mama jeans are instantly recognizable thanks to their tapered waist, slightly lowered pant leg, and tapered ankle. The vintage shape will divide the piece, but can be worn with pointy toes or heels for a wider range of looks.

Play with wide-leg double-breasted jeans.

Play with wide-leg double-breasted jeans.-7 Types of Jeans Every Woman Should Have in Their Closet-By live love laugh

For oversized legs, high-waisted jeans make practical sense for the second time around. Don’t be afraid to avoid them because of the extra material. High-waisted shoes are not a formality that will weigh on your decision. A jumpsuit with a fitted top or sweater will also do the trick. If you are short in stature, opt for a short leg to accentuate the shoes.

Boden bootcut jeans

Boden bootcut jeans-7 Types of Jeans Every Woman Should Have in Their Closet-By live love laugh

Bootcut jeans flared from the middle of the shin are a subtle nod to the 70s trend. Have you ever wondered about the origin of this name? In my opinion, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Bootcut jeans balance out proportions and are especially good for people with broad shoulders and around the back.

G-STAR Original Kate Boyfriend Jeans

G-STAR Original Kate Boyfriend Jeans-7 Types of Jeans Every Woman Should Have in Their Closet-By live love laugh

A simple low-rise boyfriend jeans with a relaxed silhouette. Choose dark jeans for a more sophisticated look or try ripped and distressed jeans for a more casual and authentic look. By rolling up the hem, boyfriend jeans can be worn by shorter people without the need for expensive alterations.

high waisted skinnies from the M&S collection

high waisted skinnies from the M&S collection-7 Types of Jeans Every Woman Should Have in Their Closet-By live love laugh

It remains to be seen if skinnies are suitable as jeans, but if you’re torn between jeans and knits, skinnies are the right choice. They have more stretch than regular jeans and are a comfortable option to wear all day. If you choose pants that are too long in the waist, they usually adjust smoothly to the unevenness around the middle.

Frequently asked questions

How many pairs of jeans should I have in my wardrobe?

The number of pairs of jeans you should have depends a lot on how many different options you need in your life. In most cases, you should have three pairs of jeans, but we generally recommend five or six, depending on how often you wear jeans to work.

How many pairs of jeans should a girl have?

Whatever the reason, denim experts believe that three pairs of jeans are sufficient for any wardrobe, and these three pairs are classified as “formal jeans”.

How often should jeans be washed?

“The general rule of thumb for washing jeans is three to 10 uses.” Harris tells mbg. Of course, if there are visible stains or odors, you can wash them first.

How often should I clean my closet?

To keep your closet tidy, follow these ideas for cleaning your closet every six months. An overloaded wardrobe means you waste a lot of time when you can’t find a jacket or belt in a hurry. It’s time to stop the madness and start cleaning. It only takes a day to turn a stuffy closet into an organized one.

How often should you change your jeans?

Most experts agree that it’s best to get rid of your favorite jeans if they don’t fit, don’t fit in the crotch, or are torn in the wrong place. Wear and tear is inevitable, but you can extend the life of your jeans by removing them.

Should I throw away my old jeans?

In summary, don’t throw away your old jeans. You can also recycle your jeans at Blue Denims Go Inexperienced or use our recycling search to find a recycling store near you.
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