Sustainable Fashion Brands in India

Today in this article we will talk about some sustainable fashion brands in India. Sustainable fashion is not limited to organic fabric but timelessness and development of clothes. Are present and it is very important who makes our clothes. If you look, farmers grow cotton in their fields, the fur is grown, grown to spin, then spinning becomes fiber and then fabric from fiber and last tailor or designers make garments from fabric. There is a lot of process behind making garments, some have a loss and some have benefits. So let’s talk about some sustainable fashion brands in India.

Urth Label:

urth label

Urth label is a very good brand. Their clothes are always classy, elegant, and beautiful. And use eco-friendly fabric. So we should visit Indian brands rather than foreign brands and make India eco-friendly. The best part is that prices are also reasonable. Great brand for those who want to look classy and elegant on their low budget. So go for Urth label sustainable fashion brand.



Sui is a Hindi word that has the English meaning needle. Needle plays a very important role in making garments from fabric. It is also a sustainable fashion brand. So go and check the sun’s website. Their brands are also classy and comfortable. And prices are also low and rare which are easily found in your budget. The prices of sui are much lower than Zara.



Doodlage brand is created by designer Kriti Tula. Who are very innovative and make the best fabric garments in the industry. And their clothes are also brand new and stylish. So go for the doodling brand website and check the product. Doodlage is the best synchronized sustainable fashion brand. They make innovative and eco-friendly products from organic cotton. It is the most famous brand in India. The quality of their textiles is also very good.

No Nasties:

no nasties

No Nasties is another famous sustainable fashion brand in India. They use organic fabric to make garments. Their products are always organic, comfortable, and eco-friendly. No nasties are always asking questions bye what and who. The aim is to make the products nu classy and different. So go for no nasties fashion brands and check their products.



sparrow is a great fashion brand for girls. And lots of sustainable brands are available on the sparrow website and in the fashion industry. Sparrow brand is a good alternative for all girls. You can easily compare their prices and quality with other brands. Their prices are generally bicycle.



There is a very good story behind the name of Clara, ila means air, am means mango tree and ra means sun. They mostly make desi garments. This is also another alternative to find the brands. The story of the Vilamoura brand was made under the camera tree. If you are the desi clothes and desi vibe lover then this sustainable fashion brand is for you. Their prices are also very fair.



The main aim of their brand is minimal, comfortable, and versatile clothing for all of us. This brand is inspired by versatility. This brand focuses on handcrafting. And casual wear clothes as well as statement jewelry pieces. All products of this brand are beautifully handcrafted.



Grassroot is one of the famous sustainable fashion brands in India, which is created by Anita Dongre. Grass root is a luxury brand, which revives sustainable fashion brands in a new sense. All the cloth of this brand is designed for women. This is an impact sustainable fashion brand.



Upasana is a very famous brand and works for NGOs. Upasana is created by uma Prajapati. Who is the famous designer .she is a South Indian designer. Their products are workers nationally and internationally. They make garments from organic fabric. There all the products are classy and elegant.


Q. who created the Upasana brand?

Ans. Upasana is created by Uma Prajapati. Caesar famous designer of South India.

Q. Who has created the doodle brand?

Ans. The doodle brand is created by one of the famous designers Kriti Tula.

Q. Give any three sustainable fashion brands available in India?

Ans. Doodlage, Grassroot, and Clara are Indian sustainable fashion brands. They all make eco-friendly and comfortable products. So go for eco-friendly fabric and make India eco-friendly.

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