5 Best places to visit on your birthday

Everyone wants to celebrate their birthdays in a special and exclusive way. As a child, Sara’s birthday was celebrated at home. But when they grow up, everyone wants to celebrate their birthday in an exclusive way, on a trip, they want to go for a walk, and they want to throw a party. There is no better place to celebrate birthdays with your friends.

So this time if you want to do something new on your birthday then go for a group trip or visit some places on your birthday. Today in this article we will talk about some places to visit on your birthday. Make sure the trip is full of vibrant, happiness, full of laughter, and new experiences. So collect new memories by visiting some new places on your birthday.

There are many types of friends in your friend circle like party animals friends, nature lovers, and some adventure lovers. And for a party, every friend is important.


goa -5 Best places to visit on your birthday-by livelovelaugh

The first destination where you can go on your birthday, full-on fun and have fun, is Goa. Goa is famous for its nightlife, clubs, and parties. This is the place where you can go crazy with your friends and drink your favorite bottle of alcohol and dance madly. Where no one judges you. Spend your day basking in the sun. Everyone has heard of Goa beach’s popularity. So during the day visit the beach and enjoy the water games and the warm sunshine. And spend the evening shopping in the awesome markets here. The best time to visit Goa is November to February. So if your birthday is also in these months then visit Goa definitely on your birthday.

Coorg, Karnataka:

coorg -5 Best places to visit on your birthday-by livelovelaugh

If you are nature lovers then definitely go for Coorg on your birthday. It is also called the Scotland of India. The smell of sacred groves and coffee beans is very beautiful. Coorg is also known for its beautiful coffee plantation, hills, and forest. In this place Coorg away from the metro city you can hang over and full of fun with your friend’s birthday. This is the perfect place to chill out with friends. There are many waterfall hills. Seeing which the mind becomes at once happy. Like Abbey waterfall, chelavara waterfall, mountains, etc. You can also enjoy swimming in the rivers here. You can come here any time of the year. The weather here is always very beautiful.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand:

rishikesh-5 Best places to visit on your birthday-by livelovelaugh

If you are an adventure lover then Rishikesh is the best place for you. So don’t think too much to do something new on your Birthday, and go for Rishikesh. It offers many adventure activities. Where there is a side of yoga, where you can learn the art of meditation. On the other hand, you can enjoy mind-blowing activities like river rafting, camping, bungee jumping, and many more activities.

In the evening you can also see the magical Ganga Aarti of Triveni Ghat with your friends. The positivity that comes from looking at it cannot be described in words. The best time to visit Rishikesh is September to November and March to May. So go for Rishikesh to experience new things and be adventurous on your birthday.

Jaipur, Rajasthan:

jaipur -5 Best places to visit on your birthday-by livelovelaugh

Jaipur is also known as the pink city. There are many instagrammable spots in India. Which you will definitely want to see once. So why not visit a new place on your birthday this time. There are many marble forts, palaces, and magnificent temples. Jaipur is also considered the best spot for shopping. Like beautiful jewelry, jutti, clothes, lehriya dupatta, traditional items.

This is heaven for shopping lovers. The 300-year-old Hawa Mahal, Amer fort, city palace, or traditional markets are all very popular here. The best time to come here is November to February. So if you are a shopping lover then go for Pink City Jaipur.


Pondicherry-5 Best places to visit on your birthday-by livelovelaugh

Everyone loves to party with their friends. When you feel like going to a peaceful getaway and the weather is great too. So go for Pondicherry. The perfect french colonial settings here are very attractive. The pastel colors, clean alleys, and picturesque cafes and trees on the roadsides win the hearts of the people here.

You can also chill and relax with your friends at seafood and promenade beach here. October to March is the best time to visit Pondicherry. So if you love seafood then definitely go for a Pondicherry trip on your birthday.


Q. which places is best to visit on your birthday in India?

Ans. Goa, Coorg, Rishikesh, Jaipur.

Q. What are the adventure activities in Rishikesh?

Ans. River rafting, camping, bungee jumping.

Q. What are the waterfalls in the Coorg?

Ans. Abbey Waterfall, chelavara waterfall, mountain s, etc.

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