1st Anniversary gift ideas for couples

The most special day after the wedding is the 1st wedding anniversary. This day is so special that the wedding is as exciting as it gets. Everyone wants to make their first anniversary very special. And always want to be happy and together on future anniversaries. Then there is the anniversary gift. If you want to give a gift to your family or friends on their first anniversary and you are very confused then don’t worry, I am here for your help.

Today in this article we will talk about some first-anniversary gift ideas for couples. If you can give it to your friends and family member or partner on the 1st Anniversary. So let’s get started …

1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


tickets 1st anniversary gift ideas

Purchase some tickets to an amusement park, concert, festival, museum, play, or sporting event for the paper’s anniversary.

Framed Wedding Cards

framed wedding card-1st anniversary gift ideas -by livelovelaugh

Create a personalized wedding card or calendar with your photos together using all-in-one photo cards and scrapbook software to remember the happy times you committed to each other.

Wedding Scrapbook

wedding scrapbook -1st anniversary gift ideas -by livelovelaugh

With a good wedding digital scrapbooking software and some great wedding scrapbook ideas, a paper scrapbook featuring photos that you made for your spouse is a worthwhile gift.

Lamp with couple Name

LED lamp -1st Anniversary gift ideas for couples- by livelovelaugh

this is really a good idea. You can give LED lamp with a couple names on the first anniversary. As well as being an LED lamp, it also serves as a showpiece. Also looks very unique and stylish. Both partners will be very happy to see the first letter of their name in such a lamp design. Its price range varies from 1,125 to 2,000.

Couple T-shirt

couple tshirts -1st Anniversary gift ideas for couples- by livelovelaugh

a couple of t-shirts is a good gift to give on the first anniversary. It comes in many types of print t-shirts like king-queen, Mr. & Mrs. print, Sardar- sardarni, etc. The white/black color t-shirt stays good. Its price range varies from 749 to 1000.

Personalized photo frame

personalized photo-frame -1st Anniversary gift ideas for couples- by livelovelaugh

photos are always reminiscent of the past. So personalized photo frame is a very good idea. Whenever they see a photo frame of their pics they will remember you and their time. You can also give a DIY photo frame. You can also make a big portrait of couples. Its price range varies from 699 to 1500.

Couple Phone cover

couple phone cover -1st Anniversary gift ideas for couples- by livelovelaugh

Everyone uses phones and a phone cover is also very important. You can also order the phone cover online by ordering, like a couple of t-shirt for special couples. When they use their phone they will definitely remember you. It’s a price range queries from 499 to 1000.

Perfume set

perfume set -1st Anniversary gift ideas for couples- by livelovelaugh

perfumes are used by everyone whether they are men’s or women’s. you can gift a perfume combo set. Which contains both men’s and women’s perfume. If possible, give the same perfume gift that you have used and its fragrance is not too strong. Its price range varies from 3,299 to 5000 rupees. You can go for Denver perfume.

Couple Coffee Mug

couple coffee mug -1st Anniversary gift ideas for couples- by livelovelaugh

A good day starts with a good coffee. You can gift them a couple of coffee mugs on their first marriage anniversary. This is a really good idea for a couple’s gift. You can also order coffee mugs by ordering specials online. Like you can put photos on them, or you can also write Mr. & Mrs., king & queen, his & her. Its price range varies from 1000 to 1500.

Home Appliances

sandwich maker 1st anniversary gifts by livelovelaugh

Every couple starts a new household after marriage. During this time, they need many things to settle down, which mostly includes kitchen-related items. You can give them many gifts like a barbecue set, roti maker, mixer grinder, toaster, sandwich maker, microwave, vegetable cutter, electric rice cooker. Apart from this, things used in the house like iron, vacuum cleaner, water heater, the steamer can also be gifted. You will get all these in the budget of 5 thousand rupees. Believe me, these gift items for marriage given by you will be of great use to them.

Personalized Gift

wall clock - 1st anniversary gift-by livelovelaugh

With personalized gifts, you can use a couple’s photo in many ways. Such as… personalized wall clock, bed sheet, cushion cover, mini lamp, etc. In all of these, you can personalize them by putting pictures of the new couple together.


Q. Give some gift ideas for the 1st anniversary?

Ans. You can gift a couple of coffee mugs, a perfume set, a couple of t-shirts, couple of watch sets.

Q. What is a combo watch set?

Ans. The combo or couple watch set has 2 watches for both men and women.

Q. What is the price range of a couple of t-shirts?

Ans. Price range of couple t-shirts varies from 749 to 1000 rupees.

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