2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple

The newlywed couple gets to know one’s better and settles into married life, the second wedding anniversary of a couple marks the conclusion of a year of significant adjustment, as the third anniversary is such a great celebration. Here are some second wedding anniversary gift ideas to honor this special occasion.

Some perfect wedding anniversary gift ideas are offered below to help you choose a great anniversary gift for your wedding anniversary. Give your dear one a touching gift that will remind him/her of your sweet memories together!

2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Gifts for 2nd wedding anniversary Cotton and china are good and you get here below are some 2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas related to cotton and china.

Decor Pieces:

decor piece - 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple- by livelovelaugh

Some decorative items made of cotton fabric will help to present your deep love.

Bone China Crockery:

crockery - 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple- by livelovelaugh

Gift your wife with bone china crockery. Can offer bone china cups, plates, bowls, etc.

China Jewelry:

jwellery set-2nd Anniversary gfts by livelovelaugh

Can also be offering China-made jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.

Wooden couple caricature:

wooden couple caricature -1st Anniversary gift ideas for couples- by livelovelaugh

this is a very exclusive and unique gift idea. You can make a wooden caricature of any photo of couples. This showpiece will look very beautiful and also unique. Its price range varies from 1000 to 5000.


nameplate -1st Anniversary gift ideas for couples- by livelovelaugh

You have often seen men’s names written outside the house. But you can make a nameplate by writing the name of both the couples on the nameplate. They will be very happy. Its price range from 1,099 to 2000.

champagne-scented candle

scented candals - 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple- by livelovelaugh

For the couple whose love has always been bright, gift them this anniversary candle with their name, wedding date, and a custom city map. Two Wicks are better than one!

home cooking subscription

kithen - 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple- by livelovelaugh

Give your friends some new kitchen inspiration for your wedding anniversary this year. This helpful service delivers delicious recipes with everything you need to cook up a storm. Together the cooking couple stays together!

pop culture cutting board

cutting board - 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple- by livelovelaugh

Make it as personal as possible with a custom cutting board that references your favorite piece of pop culture. This unique anniversary gift will surely win the hearts of people.

Photo Frames

photo frames - 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple- by livelovelaugh

Photo Frames always make the walls of the house beautiful and nowadays they are also found in many different types of designs. Such as – wall decoration photo frames, magnetic photo frames, digital photo frames, etc. This is something that never ends in demand.

Even in the digital era, the demand for photo frames has not decreased, yes, the craze of digital photo frames has definitely increased among people. Every couple frames their pictures after marriage, so why not lighten up their work with your wedding gift.

Wall Clock

wall clock - 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple- by livelovelaugh

This gift option may seem a bit outdated, but it still works well today. No matter how much you see the time on the mobile, the price of the wall clock at home never decreases. It is available in the market with every price and variety. Nowadays, many new types of designs have also started coming in the wall clock. If you want, you can also personalize it and gift it. Believe me, he will always cherish this memory with him.

Digital Camera

digital camera - 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple- by livelovelaugh

If a friend of yours is going to get married and he likes to capture his memories in pictures then what can be a better gift than a camera. Memories are also threaded in a new marriage. In such a situation, if the camera is near, then capturing beautiful memories becomes even easier.

Be it the post-wedding rituals of the house or the honeymoon festivities, your gifted camera can also become their best friend in this new journey. Now you will say that in the era of smartphones, when the phone camera itself is of such good quality, then who would like a good camera. So let us tell you that no matter how good the quality of the phone camera is, it can never replace the good quality camera that comes separately.

It is not necessary that you buy them only with a DSLR camera, because it can go out of your budget. You can also make them happy by gifting them a normal digital camera.


Q. How to choose the right gift for the second anniversary?

Ans. With just a little thought and harnessing your creativity, you can celebrate their first anniversary with a perfect gift.

Q. What are trendy wedding anniversary gifts?

Ans. Modern wedding anniversary gifts are usually gadgets such as smartwatches or smartphones.

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