3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple

A wedding anniversary is always a memorable event for a couple and the couple symbolizes constant commitment and love for each other. Anniversary gifts are an important part of celebrating annual wedding anniversaries, showing your love and attention to your spouse. So what’s the perfect anniversary gift by year to better express your feelings?


The third anniversary is traditionally commemorated by leather. According to modern anniversary symbols, a crystal or glass wedding is a gift for 3 years.

3 Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Leather Laptop Bag/Case

laptop bag - 3 Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple-by livelovelaugh

A leather cover will ensure the recipient’s laptop is kept ship-shape.

Leather Passport Holder

passport holder - 3 Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple-by livelovelaugh

A leather passport holder is an ideal 3rd-anniversary gift for the one who loves to travel.

Glass Sculpture

glass sculpture - 3 Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple-by livelovelaugh

A hobbyist gift for a husband could settle for a glass sculpture made for his wife.

Wallet combo gift

Wallet combo set-1st Anniversary gift ideas for couples- by livelovelaugh

you can give a wallet combo gift on first wedding anniversary. It covers both men’s and women’s purses. That is why it is called a wallet combo. Whenever they see and use this gift, they will definitely remember you and say thank you. A useful gift is always right. Its price range varies from 1200 to 2000.

Couple Aprons

couple aprons -1st Anniversary gift ideas for couples- by livelovelaugh

You can give 2 aprons or a couple of aprons. On which Mr. & Mrs. chef is written. Whenever they go to the kitchen, they will use aprons to remind you of your 1st anniversary. Because he received a gift on their anniversary. And every day of the kitchen will feel special to them. What’s the price range query from 699 to 1000 rupees.

Couple Watch set

couple watch set-1st Anniversary gift ideas for couples- by livelovelaugh

A couple watch set is another good idea to give on the 3rd anniversary. If both your relatives are office workers then you can watch both of them. But if your female partner is a housewife then you can give her a necklace set. She will feel very special. The price range of the couple’s watch sets varies from 2,275 to 5000 rupees.

Comfortable bathrobe

barhobe - 3 Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple-by livelovelaugh

Treat your friends to a couple of R&R gifts they can enjoy daily. This casual wear comes in four different colors so you can mix and match to suit their unique tastes.

Bed Sheet / Blanket

bedsheet - 3 Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple-by livelovelaugh

There are many everyday things that couples need when adding a new household. One of them is a bedsheet or blanket. This gift can fulfill their daily needs. No matter how many bedsheets are there at home, they are rarely found. Usually, we change bedsheets every third day, so if there are more bedsheets then what is the harm.

On the other hand, a blanket is also attached to the goods received by a girl from her maternal home. Another blanket given by you can be of great help in their household. For example, if a guest comes to stay at home during winters, then they will not need to think about an extra blanket and your gifted blanket will come in handy for them. The good thing is that blankets also fit in your budget within 5 thousand.


jwellery - 3 Anniversary Gift Ideas for couple-by livelovelaugh

There is hardly any girl in the world who does not like jewelry. This is the most traditional gift given at the wedding. Apart from parents, there is often a practice of gifting jewelry on behalf of an uncle, aunt, aunt, aunt, and maternal uncle in marriage.

Whether it is a complete jewelry set, chain, earrings, ring, anklet, beech, or even a headband. Jewelry is the most traditional and most valuable gift. Similarly, you can also gift jewelry like rings, bracelets, chains to the groom king.


1) How to celebrate our wedding anniversary at home?

At home, you can celebrate well by spending time with your partner.

2) What if they don’t like my personalized gift?

Answer- Your love and your hard work are clearly visible in the personalized gift. Many couples cannot even imagine that someone will give them a personalized gift at the wedding.

Believe me, as soon as you open your gift, they will fall in love with it and they will cherish your gift more than any other gift. Because it would have his own picture in it.

3) My brother loves watching movies. What gift can I give related to this?

Answer- You can give them a gift card of ‘Book My Show’ or if you want, you can also gift them Fire TV Stick. What can be better than this for the people who love the film?

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