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4 Mouth watering street food of Surat that you must try.

Hello friends, today in this article we will discuss the 4 most famous recipes that you can eat on the streets of Surat. These all dishes are mouthwatering and once you eat these you will crave them again.

Surat is a large state, located in the southwestern part of India. It is well known for its silk industries .it is also named a diamond city because of the trade of diamonds. It is a city that always fascinates its visitors by satisfying their hunger with some of the best recipes on its streets.

Experiencing delicious food in the streets standing under the lights gives you such a wonderful visiting experience. So here, I m listing 4 famous dishes of Gujarat that you must have to try once in your lifetime.

Egg Mamna

Egg Mamna-4 Mouthwatering street food of Surat that you must try.-by live love laugh

Egg Mamna is the most famous recipe when it comes to trying any street food in Surat. This is a dish which provides you taste, crisp as well as make you fit and healthy, As this dish contains 2 raw eggs, 1 boiled egg, and green vegetables. An egg is the best source of vitamin c . it contains vegetables such as onion, garlic, ginger, tomato, etc. All are the king of spices and make your food spicy as well as is the best dish for nonvegetarian people.

This recipe is available on all vendors’ menus. you can taste this amazing recipe at the most famous address at Morya Ganesh omelet center A.K.Road, Surat. In addition, this dish is pocket friendly as you can buy it for 200 rs. Only to satisfy your hunger.

Masala Sev puri

Masala Sev puri-4 Mouth watering street food of Surat that you must try.-by live love laugh

If you are looking for pure vegetarian food while visiting the streets of Surat, then this recipe is the best answer for you. Masala Sev puri is a snack-type dish. it is famous street food and is served all over India. This recipe is a combination of crispy puris with sweet chutney. You can enjoy double chutney taste in one dish. Lasun chutney and spicy green chutney will fill your mouth with various amazing flavors such as crispy, tangy, sweet, etc. it is the best dish for pure vegetarian people. once you eat this you will crave it again.

Tadke wale chole kulche

Tadke wale chole kulche-4 Mouth watering street food of Surat that you must try.-by live love laugh

If you are Indian, and you love to eat spicy and crispy flavored food, so this dish is a beat ever option for you. Chole kulche is a favorite food of most Indian people. But this recipe has some extra spices in it such as added tadka of onion, garlic, ginger, and tomato give you a wonderful eating experience. This dish is proteinaceous as well as hunger satisfier for you. So whenever you get a chance to visit Surat you must have to try this recipe.

Masala pamphlet currey

Masala pamphlet currey-4 Mouth watering street food of Surat that you must try.-by live love laugh

If you want to taste something spicier and masaledaar at this time you must try this dish. Masala pamphlet Currey contains green vegetables fried over a big pan, the mashing of boiled eggs in it, again frying of gram flour and served with the fried vegetables. This dish is really mouthwatering and healthy too. So you must try this dish once in your lifetime.


Que-1 what are the important things that you should keep in mind while eating any street foods?

There are a number of things that you must keep in mind while tasting any street foods are:-
1 Food should be well cooked.
2 Food cooked in proper sanitation and hygiene.
3 vendors must wear gloves on their hands while serving the food to you
4 Food must not be naked and free from any dist and houseflies over it.

Que-2. What are the advantages of eating street foods?

There are plenty of benefits of eating street foods such as:-
1 you can experience a variety of foods.
2 pocket friendly
3 wonderful eating experiences.
4 you will know about the specialty of food and food maker.
5 some foods are their own value and we can enjoy them only by eating them in the streets. for example, Gol Gappa, kulche chole, etc.

Que-3.What are the other food items that you can taste in the streets of Surat, despite the above-listed items?

There are so many other dishes that you can try as street food in Surat .these are as follows:-
1 Locho
2 ice dish
3 bhajia
4 Ghari
5 undhiyau
6 dabeli
7 ponk Wada
7cold coco.
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