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5 Summer Dresses you need to get your hands on this season.

Hello friends, today in this article m gonna share with you some of the most popular summer dresses that you have to need on these hot summer days.

Summers are somewhere arduous season to handle, as we have to suffer from a sun tan, sunburn, sweating, etc. So we have to choose clothes which are comfortable for us and prevent us from excessive sweating. There are so many outfit options that you can carry for your hot summer days. But, in this article, we will discuss some of the most comfortable wells as trendy outfits which you must have in your basket. So, let’s have a look at all those trendy clothes for hot summer days.

Shorts with tops.

Shorts with tops.-5 Summer Dresses you need to get your hands on this season.-By Live Love Laugh

This is the first and foremost outfit that is most common on hot summer days when it comes to comfort as well as trends. This outfit is so versatile that you can go for outings with your family as well as your friends, and wear it casually. In this outfit, you have plenty of options as you can wear a basic sleeves top, and add a brown belt around your waist, Tied up your hair in a ponytail.

For more elegant look pair this outfit with your regular white sneakers and a denim jacket over it. It is one of the coolest as well as day-out outfits. You can go shopping, to any get-together party or function with your family as well as your friends. So, this is a must-have summer outfit.

Long Skirts with top.

Long Skirts with top.-5 Summer Dresses you need to get your hands on this season.-By Live Love Laugh

It is another popular indo-western trend. This is one of the most comfortable outfits for summer. You can go anywhere at any time while carrying this outfit. It is a simple as well as a trendy outlook for girls. You can wear it on your college days, shopping days, on casual occasions, etc. You can pair it in limitless ways. You can layer it with your peplum tops, short Kurti, t-shirts, crop tops, etc. So, you also need to have this amazing outfit with you.

Joggers with T-shirts or shirts.

Joggers with T-shirts or shirts.-5 Summer Dresses you need to get your hands on this season.-By Live Love Laugh

Joggers with jeans are an evergreen trend. It is so a comfortable and classy outfit that you can wear at your college as well as for official purposes. In fact, joggers with shirts give you such a gentle type of look. For a more elegant look, you can wear a regular white t-shirt tied in a front knot. Add a pair of strappy heels or sneakers in order to elevate the entire look. This outfit provides you with a perfect summer vibe. You can also wear a denim jacket over it for a more stylish look. This outfit is more popular among youngsters as well as teenagers.

Crop tops with jeans.

Crop tops with jeans.-5 Summer Dresses you need to get your hands on this season.-By Live Love Laugh

This is a high-class trendy outfit. Girls are more likely to wear such types of outfits in order to look glossy and more attractive. This outfit is so versatile. You can wear it to your college, office, shopping day, movie day, lunch, date, party, etc. This provides you with more perfect summer vibes. You can also wear loose crop tops with high-waist paper bag jeans for a casual look.

And if you are going for a movie or any other special occasion you can add a pair of white sneakers with it. Another best outlook for you is that you can wear a white shirt with a black crop top over it. Add a pair of pointy heels for a dating look. This outlook is most popular among all celebrities. So, this is also a must-have outfit that you have with you on your hot summery days in order to look graceful and stylish.

Casual Kurti with loose pants.

Casual Kurti with loose pants.-5 Summer Dresses you need to get your hands on this season.-By Live Love Laugh

This is another most famous trendy summer outfit among Indian girls. It contains a long casual Kurti with some type of loose pants or palazzo etc. This outfit is best for college, office, or for casual days. It is more comfortable for every age of women. It is also an evergreen trendy outfit. In summer you have plenty of options in the colors, patterns as well as material of kurties. But, cotton Kurti is more comfortable than rayon and nylon, etc. So, you must try this outfit on hot summer days in order to stay comfortable and elegant.


1Que. What type of clothes do we need to wear in summer??

Ans. On summer days we all know, you sweat a lot. If you wear dark shades or heavy stuff it is not easy to stay comfortable. So on the hot summer days, you need to wear clothes which have:-

1. cotton stuff in them
2. Light shades.
3. Attractive patterns.

2Que. What are the most comfortable college outfits for summer days??

Ans. In the hot summer, it is essential to dress up well in order to stay focused on your studies well. So, you can wear some comfortable outfits such a

1. long Kurti with pants
2. Crop tops with jeans
3 joggers with shirts and t-shirts.
These are the most comfortable and evergreen trendy outfits which you can carry for your college look.

3 Que. Why are some girls like to wear jeans??

Ans. There are certain reasons for this. These are listed below:-
1. They feel comfortable with this outfit.
2. They can create a stylish and elegant look with this outfit.
3. They can pair jeans with limitless outfits such as crop tops, long Kurti, t-shirts, shirts, etc.

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