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7 organic henna powders that will add shine to your hairs .

Hello friends, today in this article m gonna share with you some of the amazing henna powders that will provide you with silky and shiny hair.

It is a ground reality that hairs are an important part of our personality. As today is an era of fashion and beauty. Everyone wants to look gorgeous. So, for this, they try to choose such products which are safe for their hair and will add shine too.

There are plenty of products available in the market which you can easily purchase online or offline, but in this article, you will gonna find some of the best organic henna powders that are beneficial for you and are pocket friendly. You can use them in order to have silky, smooth, as well as shiny hairs. so, let’s have a look at those 7 types of powders.:-

Indus valley Bio organic herbal henna powder.

Indus velley Bio organic herbal henna powder.- 7 organic henna powders that will add shine to your hairs .-By Live Love Laugh.

If you are looking for 100% organic henna powder and want to color your hair in a safe and efficient way then this powder is the best option for you. The special thing about this powder is that it is free from any sort of harmful chemicals. It does not contain any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in it. The key ingredients of this powder are also 100% natural and plant-based, such as Henna, amla, shikakai, Brahmi, reetha, fenugreek, tulsi, bhringraj, etc.

These all ingredients are safe for your hair and they will color your hair without causing any harm to them. Also, it is a pocket-friendly product as 100 gm of packaging costs you only rs. 99. So you must try this powder for the best results.

Shanaz Hussain henna powder.

Shanaz Hussain henna powder.- 7 organic henna powders that will add shine to your hairs .-By Live Love Laugh.

In the organic world, this is also a well-known brand that is 100% pure, natural as well as organically grown powder. It is also known as professional powder as most celebrities use this henna powder to color their hair. It has such an amazing combination of plant extracts such as henna, amla, neem, shikakai, Brahmi, hibiscus, and babul gond which are very much beneficial for your hair. They control all the hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, split ends, etc.

This powder also helps in promoting hair growth, providing shine to your hair, Adding beauty to them, restore good hair health. It is very easy to use as you can apply it for 30 mins on your hair and then rinse it off with mild water. As it is an organic product so it causes 0 harm to your hair as it forms a protective safeguard around each shaft of your hair. 100 gm of packet costs you only rs.125. So, you must try this powder.

Godrej nupur henna powder.

Godrej nupur henna powder.- 7 organic henna powders that will add shine to your hairs .-By Live Love Laugh.

This is another 100% pure henna powder that nourishes your hair and provides you with a shiny, gorgeous look. The specialty of this henna is that it is prepared from handpicked henna leaves from Rajasthan, which is also known as the hub of henna plant cultivation. It contains all the natural plant-based herbs like amla, Dabur, neem, Brahmi, jatha Manasi, etc. These all ingredients act as a nourishing agent to your hair and provide shine to them.

Biotique bio henna powder.

Biotique bio henna powder- 7 organic henna powders that will add shine to your hairs .-By Live Love Laugh.

Biotique is a renowned brand in the organic world. It is a natural blend of fresh ground powder of henna leaves. It is enriched with natural ingredients like mango kernel, and the bark of the Arjun tree. This powder acts as a natural hydrating agent on your hair. it provides nourishment to the hair and embellishes it with a lustrous glow.

It is also dermatologically tested and is suitable for all hair skin types. This is best for those people who have a problem with grey hairs as it will hide grey hairs naturally .90gm of packet costs you only rs. 199. So, it’s a better deal to color your hair naturally.

Vedagiri natural henna powder.

Vedagiri natural henna powder.- 7 organic henna powders that will add shine to your hairs .-By Live Love Laugh.

This powder has also 100% natural formation. It is one of the best hair beauty ingredients of Indian origin. From ancient times, women have used this powder to strengthen, nourish, and beautify their hair. It is a natural hair coloring agent as well as a conditioner too.

It promotes hair growth and nurtures your hair naturally. It will add shine to your hair after a single use. It is a bit expensive as 100 gm of product quantity costs you about rs.400. It is safe for your hair.

Khadi naturals henna powder.

Khadi naturals henna powder.- 7 organic henna powders that will add shine to your hairs .-By Live Love Laugh.

Khadi naturals is a topmost brand when it comes to any organic product. Henna powder from this brand is luxurious and purely organic that is available in the market. This is made up of the 7 best organic ingredients which are too beneficial for your hair. It contains, indigo, crushed henna leaves, amla, Bhringraj, neem, Brahmi, shikakai, etc.
The specialty of this powder is that it forms a light green paste when you mix it with water and does not leave any stain on your hands. you can use it after every 15 days for the best results. It is available on all the well-known shopping sites so you can easily purchase it from any site.

Himalaya natural henna powder.

Himalaya natural henna powder.- 7 organic henna powders that will add shine to your hairs .-By Live Love Laugh.

It is another 100% organic store brand in India. It contains all the natural ingredients such as bhringraj, amla, and curry leaves. It provides you with soft, silky, and shiny hair after one use. It also fights with premature grey hairs and provides you long-lasting color. So, you must use this powder for long-lasting hair color.


1Que. What are bio-organic henna powders??

Ans. Bio-organic is a term that itself means natural and plant-based ingredients. So, bio-organic henna powders are those powders that contain no harmful chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, or pesticides. These are naturally grown.

2 Que. What are the benefits of applying organic henna powders to your hair??

Ans. There are a number of benefits that you can obtain with the application of organic henna powders on your hair.
1 color your hair safely.
2 free from hypoallergic reactions on your hair and scalp.
3 provides you with a long-lasting coloring effect with zero harm.
4 add extra shine to your hair because of natural ingredients.

3 Que. why do most people like to apply henna powders instead of henna colors in order to color their hair??

Ans. 1 . This is because these powders are organically grown.
2. These are cheap as well as budget-friendly.
3. These are easier to use as compared to henna colors.
4. They provide a long-lasting coloring effect on your hair.

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