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9 Best Breakfasts You can Eat in London.

Hello friends, today in this article m gonna share with you some of the best breakfasts that you can taste while traveling to the most beautiful city in the United Kingdom known as London.

When traveling abroad is considered at that time it is important to make each point count. When you travel to a certain nation or place you always try to explore the local culture, people, lifestyle outfits, and most interestingly their cuisines. Also, you want to taste such food which really worth your money. Each place or nation is having their own local foods which are mainly popular among the people. In London, most people are Britishers and they are more likely to eat non -vegetarian food. Despite this, some people like to eat sweet and traditional food items.

There are so many foods that you can taste while traveling to London. But today in this article we will discuss the 9 best breakfasts that are mouth-watering and make your day more worthful as well. So, let us have a look at all those types of foods.

Full English breakfast:-

Full English breakfast-9 Best Breakfasts You Can Eat in London.-By live love laugh

It is often said that the first meal of the day is the most important one. When it comes to breakfast in London one thing that comes to mind is egg potato toast and meat usually served in the breakfast across the pond. The full English breakfast skews heavily towards proteins eggs still feature prominently. You will also get a healthy serving of beans as well as fried or grilled tomatoes and mushrooms gave that traditional outlook to your meal. Most of the elements are cooked together in a single pan to provide you with the best eating experience. You have to try this at once in your lifetime.


Cockles-9 Best Breakfasts You can Eat in London.-By live love laugh

It is non -vegetarian seafood. Cockles mussels and oysters are shellfish that people tend to be most familiar with. Cockles are a small type of calm that might have a bit less international clout but treat you as an opportunity to embrace a local dish. In fact, cockles are actually recommended for diners, who find other bills too. A little sweet and tiny morsels of meat and cockles don‘t have the trademark oceanic saltiness though cockles appear in numerous dishes. If you are looking to get an unadulterated taste then you should order them in a preparation that keeps the cockle and its flavor front and center like a seafood platter. It is delicious and is the most popular breakfast in London that you can try.

Eaton mass:-

Eaton mass-9 Best Breakfasts You can Eat in London.-By live love laugh

If you are looking forward to tasting any sweet stuff for breakfast then this dish is the best option for you. This light and refreshing dessert is thought to have originated as a renowned dish in London. This dish is made up of whipped cream, strawberries, and meringue. This dish is best to enjoy on a hot summer’s day. So, this dish is a must-try for you regardless of the season.

Chicken tikka masala:-

Chicken tikka masala-9 Best Breakfasts You can Eat in London.-By live love laugh

This is one of the best dishes in London that you must try. If you are looking for any dish which makes you stay attached to your Indian roots while visiting London, then you must head on to this dish. It is also a popular dish among the local people of London as well. This dish mainly consists of roast chicken and spiced curry which is sure to delight the palate. This is a traditional food of India as well. So, this dish will surely make your day special and you will feel pure Indian while traveling to a British city, London.

Sticky toffee pudding:-

Sticky toffee pudding-9 Best Breakfasts You can Eat in London.-By live love laugh

If you are hankering for something sweet and looking to go a bit richer and decadent then this dish is the best option for you to try once. It contains white cakes, a gooey double cream, and brown sugar toffee sauce. It is simply divine. You can get a rustic version or any elevated gourmet. This modern classic dish is a great way to start a meal.

Beef wellington:-

Beef wellington-9 Best Breakfasts You Can Eat in London.-By live love laugh

This is the most attractive as well as a mouthwatering recipe that contains beef meat wrapped in puff pastry, which makes your day special. It is a classic dish and is such a form of heaven in terms of flavor and texture. The taxes which are spread over before it gets wrapped add to the complexity of taking your beefy experience to new heights. So, you must also try this dish.

Morning tea:-

Morning tea-9 Best Breakfasts You can Eat in London.-By live love laugh

Technically, this is a light meal rather than a dish but it is a very distinct one which every traveler needs to expensive first hand when visiting London. This is one meal that people from all walks of life can appreciate even with the increased popularity of coffee culture, tea remains the fuel of most people in London. It is served with various light and tasty treats like sandwiches, small cakes, scones, and jams. So, this is the best meal to start your day.

Fish and chips:-

Fish and chips-9 Best Breakfasts You can Eat in London.-By live love laugh

It might be a humble dish. But is a very delicious food you can eat in London over the years. It has become a truly iconic dish and one of the most widely consumed meals in the nation. You usually start with a piece of cod or haddock though other fish may be used as well. It then goes into a simple batter and gets fried to golden crispy perfection in vegetables or peanut oil. If you want to make it a traditional joint it might fry in lard or beef fat. It can be served with chips thick-cut french fries. It is the best and real treat as well as a taste of London.

Two bangers and mash:-

Two bangers and mash-9 Best Breakfasts You can Eat in London.-By live love laugh

Though you do enjoy a nice serving of golden chips mash is a very popular potato preparation in both London and the UK. This beloved dish consists of sausages, mashed potatoes, and rich brown gravy. In terms of sausage types, they can be pork, lamb, or beef. It may all even come with beans or onions. This is a classic and must-try dish in London.


1. Que. Why do people like to go to other nations??

Ans. There are many reasons why people like to go to other countries. These are as follows:-
1. People who are travel freaks, love to explore various sites or places.
2. By visiting other nations, they can know more about the local culture, outfits, lifestyle, and food habits of local people.

2. Que. What are the benefits of tasting other nations’ food?? can enjoy a variety of food .people who have a habit to taste some new food it is easy for them to satisfy their cravings. Also, you can know about new dishes, spices, etc.

3 Que. what are the benefits of traveling??

Ans. Travelling makes a person perfect as they can learn new things about .people, lifestyle, scenic views, culture, etc.

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