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5 Indian Foods To Cure Gut Problems

We all know that having a healthy stomach is essential for living a happy life and maintaining a healthy physique. Because our gut health is linked to our overall health, doctors frequently advocate including gut-friendly foods in our diet. These foods also help to strengthen our immune system. But our modern lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits have severely affected our gut health. More and more people suffer from gut problems such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation.

Fortunately, Indian cuisine offers a wide range of options for getting all of the fiber and protein you need for a healthy stomach. You’ll discover that your grandmothers and mothers have been creating these foods for generations, and you can easily learn how to prepare them as well. You’ve loved them since you were a child, and now that you know they can help you relax, you can eat them even more eagerly. Here are 5 Indian foods to cure your gut problems:

Curd and rice

Curd and rice-5 Indian Foods To Cure Gut Problems -By live love laugh

Curd rice is regarded as one of the most effective home treatments for digestive issues. Crud’s microbial properties make it a good indigestion treatment. Curd is high in beneficial bacteria that aid digestion and help with weight loss. White rice is easy to digest and absorbs all of the flavors of curd without compromising its nutritional value.

Curd rice helps to maintain a healthy microbial balance in your body. This dish can be easily made at home without having to do any unnecessary effort.
Ingredients: rice, curd


Khichdi-5 Indian Foods To Cure Gut Problems -By live love laugh

Our ancestors ate ayurvedic khichdi, which is one of the healthiest meals available. The meal is recommended in the Satvik diet for a good and healthy gut, as well as other benefits like fiber. This relieves constipation, loose bowel movements, and vomiting. When you add veggies to your khichdi, the nutritional content and health benefits increase dramatically. It is especially beneficial to infants and the elderly who have a weak digestive fire.

Ayurvedic khichdi is a fantastic fit for the menu because it encourages eating a light meal at least once a day, preferably at supper. Ayurvedic khichdi is known for its ability to cleanse the stomach, relieve constipation, and improve general health. Ayurvedic khichdi’s components increase immunity and energy while also soothing and cleansing the digestive system.

Ingredients: rice, ghee, turmeric, cumin, moong dal


Idli-5 Indian Foods To Cure Gut Problems -By live love laugh

This popular South Indian dish has been used to improve digestive health for ages. Idlis are a good choice for a healthy supper because they are low in calories and high in intestinal bacteria. The probiotic effects are increased when consumed with chutney that contains fermented ingredients. Because of their texture and flavor, idlis are easy to eat for both youngsters and adults.

Ingredients: Curd, urad dal, rice, best served with sambar and coconut chutney

Moong Dal

Moong Dal-5 Indian Foods To Cure Gut Problems -By live love laugh

Butyrate, a fatty acid produced by moong dal in your body, has anti-inflammatory effects that help to prevent gas from forming. When the beneficial bacteria in your stomach break down dietary fiber, this fatty acid is produced. Moong dal is easy to digest in addition to delivering a lot of protein and iron.

Ingredients: moong dal


Dhokla-5 Indian Foods To Cure Gut Problems -By live love laugh

Your bowel movements will enhance, and your energy levels will rise as well. Dhokla also aids in the equilibrium of gut bacteria. Dhokla’s texture and flavor make it simpler for older persons and infants to eat. The fermented process boosts the bioavailability of nutrients like folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, biotin, and Vitamin K, as well as antibiotics and anti-carcinogens.

Fermented foods rebuild the microflora of the digestive tract and do so much more in an era when antibiotics are commonly used and gut flora is routinely damaged. You can easily make dhokla at home or purchase it from any neighboring sweet shop.
Ingredients: began, baking soda, lemon juice, sugar, curry leaves, mustard seeds, refined oil


Can I easily make dhokla or idli at home?

Yes, you can easily make dhokla or idli at your home without spending a lot of money or making a lot of effort. All the ingredients required to make these dishes can be found at home and these dishes also don’t require a lot of time to make them.

Is Indian food effective to treat gut problems?

Indian food is truly an effective remedy to get relief from gut problems and our ancestors have been using these delicious recipes from ancient times. The ingredients of these recipes improve our digestive system and make our stomachs healthy.

Is khichdi a delicious dish?

Khichdi is not only a delicious dish but is also very good for your gut health. It is rich in fiber and tastes very good. You can add seasonings or garnish this dish as per your taste.

What are some Indian dishes that will improve my gut health?

Indian dishes like dhokla, idli, khichdi, karela or bitter gourd, methi ki sabzi, moong dal, etc. will definitely help to keep your gut healthy.
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