5 Reasons why you should include Beetroot in your daily diet today*

This article is about the nutritious value and health benefits of including beetroot in your food. It also provides you a piece of information regarding the way of eating beetroot whether, raw, steamed, or boiled. As we all know that our body needs various types of vitamins minerals and nutrients. Every person is health conscious and wants to eat food that possesses low calories and high nutrients.

We all want to eat food that contains minerals and vitamins with low calories called micronutrients. We all eat different kinds of food but the assimilation and absorption of food depend upon our metabolism. Our metabolism only works when we eat food that is rich in nutrients and it needs less energy in the absorption of food.

Beetroot is a root vegetable that has many names table beet, red beet garden beet just beet, etc. It can be eaten in many ways like raw, boiled or we can make a pickle of it. IT has fiber, calcium, iron magnesium vitamin C and many nutrients to make a person healthy. Every fruit has a different color and the color indicates its different benefits.

The red color indicates the richness of iron in it which raises hemoglobin in the blood by consuming daily we can get rid of the disease” Anaemia’. Anemia is very common in ladies due to monthly blood loss.
Take beetroot daily-5 Reasons why you should include Beetroot in your daily diet today-by live love laugh

5 Reasons why you should include Beetroot in your daily diet today
Here are the five reasons to consume Beetroot daily in diet.
1. Eating beetroot daily provides you complete nourishment as it is easily digestible and needs less energy to absorb nutrients from it and boost up the metabolism. Our body needs the energy to digest and absorb food that we eat so the beetroot consumes less energy to digest and provides you more nutrition and energy.

2. Consumption of beetroot daily reduces the sugar level as it contains 10% carbs. We can eat it raw or cooked in any form. It contains natural sugar like fructose and glucose.
3. It contains fiber which helps in increasing good bacteria in the body and boosts up the immune system which helps in getting rid of constipation.

4. Beetroots are the source of essential vitamins and minerals
1. Folic acid (B9)_ is important to make red blood cells and it is essential for pregnant women.
2. Vitamin c__It helps to boost the immune system which prevents us from disease.
3. Manganese_ It founds in fruits and vegetables too.
4. Potassium_we find it in the fruits also so

5. Iron_ beetroot is rich in iron and its red color indicates that it contains folic acid it helps increasing hemoglobin and red blood cells in the blood.
5. Human body is afflicted with many health problems due to the deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Including beetroot in your daily diet recuperate from many health problems and diseases.

Benefit of beetroot

Benefit of beetroot-5 Reasons why you should include Beetroot in your daily diet today-by live love laugh

Beetroot is a basket of various nutrients and minerals when we consume daily a cup of beetroot i.e100 grams of beetroot then we can cure many diseases like anemia, blood pressure, heart disease, weak bones, etc. The deep red and purple color of beetroot has an antioxidant property that prevents our heart from various diseases by regulating blood pressure. It is a winter vegetable and has slimming properties due to zero fat and cholesterol. Which also reduces toxins and inflammation from our body.

Our body is like an engine and food is like fuel so we need nutritious food so that we get the energy to make a body run fast and perform work properly in our daily routine. As beetroot is easily available in the market so we can consume it daily and get the benefit.

We can also eat it in the form of salad and by making different dishes. The leaves of the beetroot are also edible we should not throw it because it also has some health benefits as beetroot have. We can eat these leaves in the form of salad or by making curry of it. It also makes your skin glow and Hair thick. And shiny. Beetroot leaves are sources of vitamins C, K, A, and B6.

These are rich in antioxidants and have zero fat and cholesterol. As the leaves of the beetroot are the sources of vitamin A which improve the eyesight and make our skin healthy it has the same health benefits as spinach have. It increases the hemoglobin level in our blood and provides us energy and rejuvenates our body by fulfilling all the deficiencies.

These leaves are richer in iron than spinach leaves. Its vitamin c gives healing capacity and improves our immune system. It also prevents us from cold and Cough. The vitamin c present in it also makes our teeth and bones healthy and prevents us from arthritis. It can also increase the working capacity by providing us energy during the workout.


We can also use the leaves of the beetroot for making a hair mask by combining these with Heena. This mask is good for making healthy and shiny hair. We can consume beetroot and their leaves by making various dishes or in the form of juice.

We can make the juice of beetroot with other ingredients like Amla, tomato, carrot and can consume daily to get health benefits. We can make several dishes of beetroot like a cutlet, halwa, pickle, and curry along with leaves. The daily consumption of beetroot with their leaves can also cure Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis and improve our nervous system.

As the name of beetroot itself is explicit that it is a root vegetable that we can use in any form and any season. And the leaves of beetroot also have incredible benefits.

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